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Further Investigations: Structure and Function

  1. Visit an aquarium, watch a video, or look online, and make the following observations:
    1. Observe and explain how the following fish use body parts for locomotion
      1. Jack
      2. Triggerfish
      3. Eel
      4. Wrasse
      5. Pufferfish
      6. Butterflyfish
    2. Find and name at leaast one fish that you see
      1. resting on its pectoral fins.
      2. hanging in the water.
      3. swimming continuously.
      4. living in a hole.
      5. "hoping" along the substrate.
    3. Observe and describe three different ways that fish feed
    4. Find two that fish fit each of these categories:
      1. nocturnal (active at night).
      2. diurnal (active during the day).
      3. crepuscular (active in the morning and in the evening).
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