Graduate Course Descriptions

TPSS offers a broad range of interesting courses taught by our knowledgeable, caring faculty and staff. They include Science, Horticulture, Sustainable Production Systems, Technical Landscaping, Horticultural Practices. Ornamental Plant Materials, Sustainable Food Crop Production, Sustainable Flower & Foliage Crop Production. Our specialized courses include Plant Physiology, Plant Propagation, Plant Transformation and Tissue Culture, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Postharvest Physiology, Turfgrass Management, Sustainable Nursery Management and Weed Science. Students enrolled in these courses gain valuable experience working in the industry through our internship program.

TPSS 500 Master’s Plan B/C Studies (1)

Enrollment for degree completion. Pre: master’s Plan B or C candidate or consent.

TPSS 601 Crop Modeling (3)

(2 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Principles of modeling crop growth and development, model types, techniques, simulation. Modeling influence of climate/environment on phenology, growth, development of horticultural crops. Pre: BOT 470 and NREM 310, or consent.

TPSS 603 Experimental Design (4)

(3 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Design of experiments and variance analyses in biological and agricultural research. Pre: graduate standing or consent. Recommended: ZOOL 632. (Cross-listed as ANSC 603)

TPSS 604 Advanced Soil Microbiology (4)

(3 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Study of biochemical and biogeochemical transformations mediated by soil microorganisms, emphasis on processes important to sustainable plant growth productivity and protecting environmental quality. Pre: 304 and MICR 351, or consent.

TPSS 610 Nutrition of Tropical Crops (3)

(1 2-hr Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Mineral nutrition of plants in relation to plant metabolism, mechanisms of ion uptake, long-distance transport of solutes, and interactions at the root-soil interface. Special emphasis on problems associated with sustainable tropical crop production. Pre: 450 and 470, or consent. (Alt. years)

TPSS 614 Molecular Genetics of Crops (3)

(2 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Applications of molecular genetics to crop improvement and environmental protection. Pre: 453 and MBBE 402; or consent.

TPSS 615 Quantitative Genetics (3)

Applications of quantitative genetics to crop and animal improvement. Pre: 453 and 603, or consent.

TPSS 640 Advanced Soil Chemistry (3)

(2 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Physio-chemical processes in soils and soil solutions, with emphasis on ionic equilibria, mineral stability, organic complexation, and surface sorption of major plant nutrients and heavy metals. A-F only. Pre: 435 and CHEM 351, or consent.

TPSS 650 Soil Plant Nutrient Relations (4)

(2 Lec, 2 3-hr Lab) Soil-plant interactions, emphasis on characteristics of tropical soils and plants influencing nutrient uptake by plants. Diagnostic methods to identify nutrient deficiencies and element toxicity that ensure sustainability. Pre: 450 or consent.

TPSS 652 Information Research Skills (1)

Examines the use of libraries and information technology for scholarly investigation in support of scientific research; provides experience utilizing and critically evaluating a variety of print and electronic sources in basic and applied sciences. Pre: consent. (Cross-listed as ANSC 652, FSHN 652, and NREM 652)

TPSS 654 Communications in the Sciences (1)

(3-hr Lec/Lab combination) Laboratory-type course for improving communication abilities in the sciences and engineering. Presentations to lay audiences are emphasized. Hands-on experience in techniques and methods is provided.

TPSS 657 Grant Writing for Graduate Students (1)

Combined lecture/discussion on grants and grant writing. Designed to introduce graduate students to grants and grant proposal writing through lectures, class discussion, writing assignments, and peer review. Open to CTAHR graduate students only; others with consent. (Fall only) (Cross-listed as ANSC 657 and FSHN 657)

TPSS 664 Orchidology (3)

(2 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Classification, culture, cytogenetics, breeding of orchids. Pre: consent. Recommended: 200 and 402.

TPSS 667 Graduate Seminar (1)

Presentation of research reports; reviews of current literature in plant and soil sciences. Pre: graduate standing or consent.

TPSS 670 Agrarian Systems Analysis (3)

Comparative analysis of philosophy and process of interdisciplinary and participatory approaches to sustainable development and rural resource management including farming systems research and extension (FSRandE), agroecosystem analysis (AEA), participatory action research (PAR), and rapid rural appraisal (RRA). Repeatable. Pre: consent.

TPSS 674 Plant Growth and Development (3)

Contemporary literature is used as the basis for understanding the physiology for whole plant growth and development. Aspects covered include vegetative and reproductive development, seed dormancy, senescence, abscission, and relevant biochemical and molecular processes. Pre: 470 and MBBE 402, or consent.

TPSS 680 Geospatial Analysis of Natural Resource Data (3)

The application of geostatistics to estimate spatial dependence to improve soil and regional sampling; provide insight into underlying soil, geographic, and geologic process, and to provide quantitative scaling up of point measurements to fields, regions, and watersheds. State-space modeling also will be included. A-F only. Pre: GEOG 388 or ZOOL 631; or consent. (Cross-listed as GEOG 680)

TPSS 695 Plan B Master’s Project (3)

Independent study for students working on a Plan B master’s project. A grade of Satisfactory (S) is assigned when the project is satisfactorily completed. A-F only. Pre: graduate standing in TPSS program.

TPSS 699 Directed Research (V)

In-depth study of specialized problems. CR/NC only. Pre: consent.

TPSS 700 Thesis Research (V)

CR/NC only. Pre: consent.

TPSS 711 Special Topics (V)

Specialized topics from various areas of plant and soil research such as experimental techniques, growth regulation, morphogenesis, genetics and breeding, culture and nutrition of tropical crops. A-F only. Pre: consent.

TPSS 800 Dissertation Research (V)

CR/NC only. Pre: consent.