The College and Department offer undergraduate and graduate scholarships to students in the TPSS program. Some of these scholarships are based on financial need, while others are determined by academic achievement, chosen field of study, or other criteria.

The scholarships are administered through the University of Hawaii Foundation and can be accessed at Details can be obtained by entering in the Campus search box: UH Manoa, Unit: Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, and Department: Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences.

Scholarships available to TPSS students include the Charles Chu Hing Scholarship, Haruyuki Kamemoto Scholarship, Plant Pathology Graduate Student Travel Grant Fund, Richard Airth Hamilton Fellowship Fund and TPSS Student Scholarship. Students are also able to apply for scholarships administered by UH Mānoa and CTAHR.

Numerous scholarships are available for students in TPSS from national sources and can be accessed at