The CRDG IT team specializes in audio-visual and information technology services for education and nonprofit organizations.  We currently have five IT specialists on the senior team, and three student assistants.  The team has over 75 years of combined experience.

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Our Services

IT & A/V consulting

IT & A/V installations

IT & A/V for events

Video production

Professional development

EDTECH research

Innovative spaces


IT & A/V Services

CONSULTING – Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran equipping your school or nonprofit with technology, our team can help guide you through the process with the latest technology.  Our team constantly keeps current on a majority of technology arenas in both information technology and audio visual solutions.  We can help you to create a plan for an immediate need or for a multi-year plan.

EVENTS – The team has experience with small to medium sized events that require affordable audio visual solutions.  Are you having a meeting or a conference that requires A/V and support, but can’t afford what the big companies charge?  Consider selecting us to meet all of your LCD projection, screen, audio, lighting, and specialty needs.

INSTALLATIONS – Our team has a great depth of experience with installing both information technology hardware and audio visual solutions.  We can help you install network cables, new WIFI access points, servers, and storage.

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Multimedia & Video Production

DIGITAL STORYTELLING – Digital storytelling is the best way to connect your audience with your message.  We can work with you on all aspects of your production needs pre-production planning, scripting, production, post-production, and distribution.  We use a range of high definition (HD) capture technologies to give you a professional result.

Professional Development

TRAINING – Are you new to a particular technology?  Or are you trying to find better ways to optimize the use of your existing equipment?  Are you looking to streamline workflows?  We can provide a range of professional development options for small groups or full organizations.

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EDTECH Research

We are committed to conducting and supporting educational technology design and research. Through CRDG subject area teams, the University Laboratory School, and the CRDG Summer Programs, CRDG IT/AV conduct on-going research that contributes to effective learning and teaching in the field of information and learning technologies.

Innovative Spaces

21ST CENTURY CLASSROOMS – Let us help you to bring together your ideas for classroom modernization.  We can help you with IT and A/V integration and connect you to furniture vendors to help make your innovative spaces come to life.

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