Did you know that many local and national employers come onto the UH Mānoa campus every semester to recruit amazing UH Mānoa students/alumni to work for their organizations? Don’t miss your opportunity to network with these employers in the following ways:

Information Tables
Use this great opportunity to talk to who employers who came onto campus to talk to you!  Even if you are not looking for work right now, it is great to start networking early to learn more about possible positions you could apply for when you are ready!

Information Sessions/Careers Talks

Come and join employers for their information sessions. Employers use these sessions to share background information about their companies and current or future job openings they may have. An information session offers you a great chance to ask any questions you may have about the company or working for them that you don’t typically ask during interviews.

On-campus Interviews

Employers will conduct on-campus interviews in our office after they complete recruitment events on-campus. Recruitment events include information tables, information sessions and resume collections through job listings on sece.

Resource Library

If you are unable to make it to an employer’s session or table, swing by to our office and check out our resource library! Employers send out company information and recruitments that we organize right in our library.

Full-time Jobs

Are you wondering what the next step should be after graduation? Look no further! Our jobs database is updated weekly with a variety of full-time job opportunities!

Go to our sece jobs database to view our full-time jobs:

Go to SECE
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