The Mānoa Career Center credential file service functions as a repository for letters of recommendation for students who have registered a credential file with our office. They may then make requests to forward one or more of these letters to graduate programs, colleges, and employers.

When a student who has such a file submits a request to you, you may forward the letter to our office for inclusion in the student’s file. For additional details about this service, obtain a copy of the “Guide to Establishing and Using a Credential File” at Career Services by clicking the link below:

Open vs. Closed Letters of Recommendation

OPEN or accessible letters are those that the student/alumnus may review. Open letters must contain a statement signed by the author indicating that the author has given permission to the student/alumnus to review the letter. The statement should be similar to the following:

“The undersigned authorizes (name of individual) access to this document and further authorizes the Mānoa Career Center to make it available to (him/her) upon request.”

CONFIDENTIAL or closed letters are those that the student/alumnus may not review. In order to include confidential letters in a credential file, the student/alumnus must sign a waiver of access statement. Letters must be mailed or delivered directly by the author to the Mānoa Career Center. The student/alumnus may not “handle” the confidential letter.

Additional Forms