Each semester, different topical courses are offered, creating a wide variety of opportunities to learn about Asia in different ways. Select a course below to read further descriptions of those offered in Spring 2018.

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Course Number Course Title
ASAN 101 Intro to Asian Studies
ASAN 201 Intr Asian Studies: East Asia
ASAN 308 Chinese Political Economy
ASAN 312 Contemp Asian Civilizations
ASAN 320O Asian Nation St: Oki
ASAN 320Z Asian Nation St: Other
(Asia and the Pacific)
ASAN 323 Way of Tea in Jpn Hist & Cult
ASAN 324 Chado-The Way of Tea Practicum
ASAN 325D Jpn Film: Art/Hist-Spec Topics
ASAN 356 Geography of Southeast Asia
ASAN 364 20th Century CHN Women Writers
ASAN 420 Korean Cinema
ASAN 481 Cinema of Southeast Asia
ASAN 491G Tpcs in Asan: Asia
(Inter-Asia Migration & Mobility)
ASAN 491S Tpcs in Asan: Southeast Asia
(Political Violence in SEA)
ASAN 623 Gender in Asian Performing Art
ASAN 626 Capitalism in Contemp Asia
(The Role of the Internet and Telecommunications in East Asia)
ASAN 636 Culture & Urban Form in Asia
ASAN 650 Marriage Family E Asia
ASAN 750C Research Sem: China
Restriction: Major
ASAN 750J Research Sem: Japan
Restriction: Major
ASAN 750K Research Sem: Korea
Restriction: Major
ASAN 750S Research Sem: Southeast Asia
(Southeast Asia)
Restriction: Major