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Undergraduate Programs Information

Major or minor in Asian Studies.

Graduate Programs Information

Including: Master of Arts in Asian Studies, Master’s in Asian International Affairs, and Graduate Certificates in Asian Studies.

Student Testimonials

Christina Geisse

The Asian Studies Program was incredible because most professors were undertaking their own research, passionate about their subject of study, and enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with students. It felt fresh and profound at the same time. Inspiring! 

Christina Geisse
Kim Sluchansky

I was able to delve deep and focus on the areas of Asian Studies that truly interested me, and therefore gained a much more thorough and developed understanding of my fields of interest, which are applicable to my current career path. Also, the professors are extremely helpful and want their students to succeed. They were very supportive both while I was at UH and after I graduated.

Asian Studies summer courses list

Take an Asian Studies Course this Summer!

UH Manoa’s Summer 2021 courses are now available.

Join us this summer to explore Asian media cultures and more!

Summer courses at UH Manoa are offered through Outreach College. Anyone with the equivalent of a US high school diploma is eligible to apply to take them; you do not need to be a student at UH Manoa. Here is how to apply to Outreach College. Continuing students in the UH system do not need to apply for summer sessions.

In summer, all students pay in-state tuition. Scholarships and financial aid are also available. Registration starts March 9th. Here is the official course listing with all necessary registration information.

Summer Session I

course flyer

ASAN 320Z Asia Past & Present: Media, Advertising, and Desire in East Asia. Online synchronous; DS; WI. Prof. Pat Patterson. 05/24-07/02

course flyer

ASAN 464 K-pop & J-pop. Online synchronous; OC. Prof. Pat Patterson. 05/24-06/23. (Examines modern Japan and South Korea through popular music. Examines genres from early popular music, today’s K-pop and J-pop music).

course flyer

ASAN 465 Anime, Manga, & Film. Online synchronous; OC. Prof. Jayson Chun. 05/24-06/23. (Focus on the world of Japanese anime, manga, and films. What can one learn about Japan from these products? Focus on issues of gender, national identity, and race).

course flyer

ASAN 491Z(1) Topics in Asian Studies: Smuggling & Other Illicit Businesses in Asia. Online synchronous; DS. Prof. Jojo Abinales. (Students will examine the histories of the illicit sector and its contemporary features as they occur and play out in Asia – a production site of counterfeit goods, a complex network of routes where drugs, guns, human hostages, a conduit of “dirty money,” and a market for everything unlawful. Finally, the course introduces students to the “smugglers’ world,” looking at not only the actors involved but the communities and “ordinary folks” who work and live in this world).

Summer Session II

promo for asan 310

ASAN 310 Studying Asia Culturally. Online synchronous; DH; OC. Prof. Surojit Gupta. 07/06-08/13/ (Multidisciplinary look at classics of literature, philosophy, and religion shaping Asian beliefs and values. This is an Asian Studies major core course).

promo for asan 312

ASAN 312 Contemporary Asian Civilizations. Online synchronous; DS, OC. Prof. Surojit Gupta. 07/06-08/13. (Multidisciplinary examination of problems and issues affecting peoples and institutions of contemporary Asia: ethnic, language, religious, and cultural differences; population growth; public health; economic development; political and social change; environmental problems; etc. This is an Asian Studies major core course).

promo for asan 464

ASAN 464 Introduction to Contemporary Asian Cinema. Online synchronous; DS; OC. Prof. Surojit Gupta. 07/06-08/13. (Acquaint students with significant films from the major countries in Asia and how these films reflect and comment on profound social, political, and historical changes that have occurred in recent decades).

course flyer

ASAN 491Z(2) Topics in Asian Studies: East Asian and Asian American Youth Digital Media Culture: Comics, Videos, Music and Games. Online synchronous; DS, WI. Profs. Jade Lum & Avree Ito-Fujita. (Examines the ties between East Asian and Asian American digital media such as comics, movies and TV shows, music, and video games to examine the dreams, fears, and aspirations of young Asians and Asian Americans).

course flyer

ASAN 492 Women In Revolt. Online synchronous; DH. Prof. Buchanan. Cross-listed as History 492 and Women’s Studies 492. 07/06-08/13.

Here is the official course listing with all necessary information.

Please join us this summer!

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