Enroll now for Summer Session II Courses

This may be your last chance to enroll for three cool Asian Studies courses on offer during Summer Session II.

After Friday, June 22, courses with low enrollments risk being cancelled. So if you’re interested, enroll now!!

woman with cigarette and drink from 1920s Japanese advertisementASAN 491G Advertising, Media and Desire in East Asia 

This online course examines concepts of Beauty and Desire in East Asian cultures within a historical and contemporary media context and extrapolates from them at least some methods which the advertising industries in Japan, China, and South Korea use to create
effective advertising for print, Internet, and television. The course uses business case studies, anthropological and historical studies of beauty, desire, and social norms, and critical theory to examine the way in which images, language, and branding work in contemporary Asian societies.

ASAN 471  Beyond Hollywood: Introduction to Contemporary Asian Cinema

This course will examine recent films from China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam, asking how they reflect and comment on the profound social, historical and political changes of recent decades. How has globalization affected Asian film industries, and how has Asia’s relationship with Hollywood changed?

July 2-Aug 10  MWF 1 pm -3:30 pm

pagoda in a lake with city in backgroundASAN 312 Contemporary Asian Civilizations

What are key problems and issues affecting the people and institutions of contemporary Asia? We will examine ethnic and religious conflict, democratization, gender and sexuality, trafficking in drugs and humans, arms and arms control, nuclear proliferation, political stability, and other pressing issues necessary to make sense of the world we live in.

July 2-Aug 10, MTWRF 9 am – 10:15 am