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About Us

The University of Hawai’i’s Online Learning Academy (OLA) provides FREE, one-on-one English, math and science tutoring, by highly-qualified college tutors, for all Hawai‘i Department of Education (DOE) students and University of Hawai’i (UH) System students statewide. We offer tutoring in the following subjects: basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, writing, and language arts.

Our Mission

Equity and access for all Hawai’i’s students. Leveling the playing field by providing college tutors/peer mentors that are available to support all of Hawai’i’s public K-12, community college and university students to increase their proficiency in English, math, and science.

OLA is currently involved in critical high school to college student readiness and preparation efforts between Hawaii DOE, UH System campuses, and GEAR UP/P20, including:

  • Working with community college instructors across multiple campuses to implement NROC’s EdReady as an effective self study, remediation, and placement tool in math and English
  • Helping early college programs across multiple DOE campuses to use EdReady to ensure that students are fully prepared to maximize their efforts in early college courses
  • Partnering with Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs both in the DOE and UH System to make sure that students have adequate preparation in math and English for their specific technical career paths
  • Building a partnership with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) organizations to support students in order to improve the percentage of students who matriculate through the “pipeline” successfully into STEM careers


Our Work at a Glance

Math & Science Tutoring Sessions

  • HI DOE K-12 71%
  • UH Community Colleges 19%
  • UH Mānoa, West Oahu, Hilo 9%
  • Other 1%


Writing Tutoring Sessions

  • Undergraduate 54%
  • Graduate 26%
  • High School 15%
  • Elementary & Middle School 5%


OLA History

Since its inception in July 2007, the OLA has fulfilled a vital role in helping Hawai’i’s students to get to, matriculate, and graduate from our UH campuses. The original Report To Hawaii State Legislature Act 275, SLH 2007 gave life to OLA as a key component in Student Support Infrastructure. The Online Learning Task Force’s mission was to develop a systematic plan to expand opportunities for online learning and develop a phased plan with desirable outcomes to enhance the learning experiences of students across the state. Specifically, the task force designated that: The DOE should establish partnerships, including the University of Hawaii, to create an online and in-person tutoring and mentoring program where qualified people should be hired to provide online tutoring and academic support to DOE students throughout the state. Since OLA started in July 2007, students have logged over 1.5 million minutes of free tutoring!

OLA Staff

Davilla Gose

Davilla Gose, M.Sc., M.Ed., Phd candidate

OLA Project Director

Avree Ito Fujia, B.A. Creative Media, Eng, & French, PhD.ENG.

OLA English Coordinator 

Ed Lee

Edmond Lee, M.Ed., phD candidate

OLA Assistant Director

Joshua Udasco, B.a.EE

OLA Math Coordinator

Cherie Guillermo

Cherie Guillermo, MSPH, phd candidate

OLA Tutoring Coordinator

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