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Timeline for Applying for Scholarships
This timeline is to give you your best shot at scholarships, but some scholarship deadlines are year-round. Check out your options no matter what time of year it is!

- Search for scholarships that you might be eligible for
- Be
gin to draft your personal statement
opens Oct. 1st

Holiday Break
- Begin an organizing system for your taxes, financial aid and scholarship information
- Complete your search for scholarships
- Consider people for your letters of recommendation

- Begin completing applications and ask for letters of references
- Work on taxes or make appointment to have them done in early February
- Check deadline

- Complete FAFSA Feb.1st priority deadline for UHM
- Make sure letters of recommendation are picked up/mailed
- Check deadline
s and mail off applications due in March
- Get copies of transcripts sent if necessary
- Mail Student Aid Report (SAR from FAFSA) if necessary

- Mail off any scholarship materials due in the spring

- Most organizations announce scholarship recipients during the summer.

NOTE: It's best to get started early, however it is not too late to begin applying in late January/early February.

Very Worthwhile Application Sites
One online application for many scholarships.

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Financial Aid Services Office
Financial Aid Services Office is located at UH Manoa in QLSSC 1st fl, Room# 112. Scholarship applications are available at the financial aid office but you must request the specific application that you want

STAR – UH Student Scholarships
Online resource for students where you can search for scholarships that are available to you and that you are best eligible for. Scholarship process is facilitated online. The application process opens November 1 and closes mid- February.

Hawaiʻi Community Foundation
The recommended way to apply for HCF scholarships is online or you can write to obtain an application at:
Hawaiʻi Community Foundation - Scholarships
1164 Bishop Street, Suite 800
Honolulu, HI

Each scholarship fund has specific eligibility criteria defined by the donor.
A single application and perso
nal essay will be submitted to scholarships you select.

UH Foundation
Search site for available UH Scholarships. Early March deadline.

Kokua a Puni Native Hawaiian Services Scholarship List
Very useful list of sholarships with deadlines

Soroptimist Women's Opportunity Scholarship
Scholarship opportunity for female students who are primary financial supporters for their families.
Eligibility and Requirements:
1. Be enrolled or accepted into vocational or undergraduate program.
2. Submit two letters of reference. Email reference form to reccommendors, then submit completed forms w/ application.
Download the Application and Reference Form (Application includes the email contact to send application to)
Deadline: December 15