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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I receive class credit when I register for an Outdoor program?

No, our programs are designed to get your mind off of your class work! We encourage a zero stress environment when you sign up for our classes.

Is transportation provided?

Transportation is provided for the first 10 people who sign up for the activity.

When should I sign up for a program activity?

It is recommended that you sign up for the program as soon as possible. All programs listed on the website are available when posted to the site.

How do I sign up?

Stop by our office, located in the Athletic Complex Rm 200 (2nd floor, Lower Campus) or the Warrior Recreation Center during the open hours of operation. Bring your UH Manoa ID to get the student rate!

When do I pay?

All payments are to be done prior to taking the class. Please note that we do take cash or credit.

Do I have to know how to swim to participate in an Outdoor program?

Yes! You are required to be able to swim to participate in all outdoor programs. You will need to pass our swim test given during SRS Rec swim at the Duke Kahanamoku Aquatic Complex.

What is the dress code when participating in an Outdoor program?

Each program has a specified dress code, which will be provided upon signing up for a program.

How do I receive an “in-house” certification to rent a kayak?

To become certified to rent our kayaks, you must pass our swim test during SRS Rec swim at the Duke Kahanamoku Aquatic Complex. Upon completion of the swim test, you are required to take a short written exam to ensure that you know how to safely take care of yourself and the kayak while out on the water. This exam is given at the Rental shed during operating hours. You may rent up to 4 kayak seats.

Where do we meet on the day of the program?

You will meet at the SRS Rentals Office located at Lower Campus near the track (see map). It is recommended that you are present fifteen minutes prior to the start of the program.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!