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Each of the search results you get points to a reference in a book (chants and songs indexes) or in a sound recording (chants index only).

LIBRARY Availability

If you are in Hawaiʻi you will find copies of many of these recordings in many Hawaiʻi libraries, primarily UH System libraries or public libraries. A link to the UHM Library's catalog record is provided in each recording's listing, where available. Other libraries, in the UH System or the Hawaiʻi State Public Library System, might also have copies. The UH System libraries' catalog can be found here, and the public libraries' catalog can be found here.

If you are not in Hawaiʻi you should check your local libraries to see if they have a copy. In a few cases, you might find one. In most cases though, you will not find a copy in your library. Unfortunately, most libraries do not loan sound recordings via interlibrary loan, or make copies of their sound recordings.

MUSIC STORE Availability

Many of these recordings are still in print and are available for purchase. In cases where the recording is out of print, used copies are sometimes available too. Check your local music store, or check an online music store.

Some online bookstores:
- Mele.com
- Native Books Hawaiʻi
- Mountain Apple
- Hawaiian Music Store
- Amazon
- Barnes and Noble
- e-bay