Extension Education & Outreach

TPSS 415


M'Randa Sandlin


Extension education is an essential component of the Land Grant Mission of the United States government and many other institutions with outreach missions. Extension education requires that the agent (messenger) develop and understand a message and develop a coordinated plan to deliver the message in an appropriate way to the target audience. As part of the process, the agent also needs to evaluate the program for success, revision, and accountability. In this course we will explore the foundational components of extension education through online lectures, readings and assignments.


This course introduces an essential component of the Land Grant Mission. Students will explore the foundational components of Extension education including agent expectations, program development and evaluation, audience engagement, building partnerships, funding structures.





Course organization:


Each week students will:
• View online lecture(s). The first week includes a synchronous meeting for introductions and review of course expectations. The last 2 weeks will include synchronous meetings for presentations.
• Read the assigned material available in Laulima and on the course website.
• Take the online quiz.
• Participate in the online discussion.
• Work on your assignments.



Component Weight Explanation/Description Due Date
Online Quizzes 10%
Each week students will be required to take an online quiz in Laulima. The questions for each quiz will be based on the information given in the online lecture presentation and any associated readings. The number and format of questions on the quizzes will vary. Quizzes will be open book and open notes. The quizzes can be retaken and the highest score will be recorded.
Online Discussion 10%
Each week students will participate in an online discussion about the topic/s for the week. To receive credit for participation in the discussion each student must:
1. Post a reply to the topic (by midweek)
2. Respond to another student’s comments to the topic (by week-end/due date)
Extension Program 30%
Each student will create an extension education program for a problem relevant to Hawaii.

Draft: Week 7

Final: Week 12

Extension Educational Material 30% Each student will create or perform an output for their program Week 11
Peer Program Evaluation 10%
Each student will evaluate the program of another student in the course.
Week 8
Presentation 10% Each student will give a presentation about their program. Week 14 or 15