Tropical Landscape Planting Design Studio

TPSS 354


Andrew Kaufman


Students will be able to:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the landscape industry and the intricate role that planting design communication plays.
  • To understand the complex relationships between landscape planting design in relation to the installation and management of a landscape. 
  • Understand and explain principles behind the design. 
  • Aesthetic and functional relationships between architecture and the surrounding landscape.
  • Acquire intermediate graphic tools to be able to clearly articulate a landscape plan.
  • Evaluate physical, environmental, economic, and social impacts of a landscape design.

Skills and knowledge to be acquired:

Understanding the connection of/between theory and practical landscape application in order to develop residential design skills for sustainability and resiliency of Hawaii landscapes.


Introduction to basic principles, skills and elements of residential and small commercial landscape design. Focus on design theory, plant composition, creative problem solving, functional and aesthetic uses of landscape materials, client and maintenance criteria, and sustainable design concepts. Development of intermediate design drafting and drawing skills. articulate the ability to think, analyze, and extend a physical solution in the proper scale.



Cross-Listed courses: