Tropical Landscape Practices

TPSS 350


Andrew Kaufman


Students should be able to:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the landscape industry and the associated inter and intra relationships.
  • Apply current practices in landscape plant installation and management. 
  • Understand and explain principles behind the design, installation and maintenance practices. 
  • Make practical decisions regarding plant design, installation and irrigation management. 
  • Evaluate physical, environmental, economic, and social impacts of design, installation and management practices.  
  • Understand how theory and practical knowledge are synthesized. 

Skills and knowledge to be acquired:

Concepts and techniques of landscape installation, maintenance, and arboriculture practices to produce and manage sustainable and resilient Hawaii landscapes.


This course covers landscape design, installation and maintenance practices in Hawaii. Including arboriculture, irrigation, people-plant relationships, and the landscape industry in Hawaii.


TPSS 200 and TPSS 369; or consent