Congratulations, and welcome to the next phase of your education!

TAE graduates find employment opportunities in businesses, governmental agencies, international organizations, and academic institutions.

Careers are open to graduates as scientists, educators, managers, marketers, merchandising and sales representatives, social services specialists, and agriculturalists trained in all aspects of plant production, management, breeding, and genetics. Entrepreneurship opportunities exist in food and ornamental plant production as well as the landscape industries. The links listed on this page provide an entry point for investigating some of your many career options, but they are by no means comprehensive. If you find a career resource link you’d like to share with your fellow students and graduates, or if you’d like to bring a job posting to the attention of TPSS students and alumni, please contact the department.

Current openings may be accessed through:
Seed Your Future – Horticulture Careers
Crop Science Society of America (Horticulture)
American Society of Agronomy (Agronomy)
Soil Science Society of America (Soil Sciences)
American Public Gardens Association (Environmental & Public Horticulture)

Did you know…

that a TPSS faculty member helped create Hawai‘i’s biggest agricultural industry? In the 1960s, when sugarcane and pineapple accounted for more than 70 percent of Hawai‘i’ farm revenues, Professor James Brewbaker—“Dr. B”—recognized the value of the state’s year-round growing season and convinced mainland seed producers to establish a seed corn crop on Moloka‘i. Today, the state’s most valuable crop isn’t sugar or pineapple; it’s seeds. Hawai‘i’s seed industry is worth more than $220 million and employs about 1,800 people. And they’re hiring!