Eligibility Requirements
  Required Documents
  Oral Interview
  Right and Responsibilities
  Travel Procedure



Eligibility Requirements

Click here to download the eligibility requirements (PDF).

Eligible participants:

Any participants who are interested in studying Khmer languge and culture

  1. A citizen or national, or a permanent resident of the United States; AND
  2. An undergraduate or graduate student in an institution of higher education; or
  3. A faculty member in modern foreign languages or area studies*; or
  4. A teacher in an elementary or secondary school; or
  5. An educator or a professional; AND
  6. Have 2 years of Khmer language study.

* Area studies means a program of comprehensive study of the aspects of a society or societies including the study of geography, history, culture, economy, politics, international relations, languages.

An individual who is not eligible:
  1. An individual who is educated native or near-educated native speaker.


Required Documents

Click here to download the application form (DOC).

Applicants must:

  1. Submit a completed application form.
  2. Submit a personal statement* outlining academic and/or career goals, indicating how participation in the program will help in achieving those goals.
  3. Submit a one-page statement in Khmer stating reasons for wishing to participate in the abroad program and the benefits expected.
  4. Submit a brief statement on the topic of the final paper. This mini-research paper will be conducted during the study in Cambodia.
  5. Submit official transcripts of the most recent college and/or university training undertaken to date.
  6. Submit two letters of reference:
    -- 1 from individuals who can comment on academic ability and ability to adapt to Cambodia, and.

    -- 1 from a current or former teacher of Khmer who can comment on skill as a student of Khmer language.
  7. Submit copies of any Khmer proficiency assessments completed (if applicable).
  8. Submit a list of any family, relatives or friends who currently reside or work in Cambodia.
  9. If needed, applicants will be asked to participate in an oral interview in Khmer. The interview, which will be recorded and retained for future reference, will normally be conducted by telephone by a member of the Khmer Language Program faculty. Arrangements for the interview will be made after a preliminary review of all applications is completed.

*In preparing the Personal Statement, applicants who have lived and worked in Cambodia previously should discuss their experience there, and indicate how they plan to incorporate that experience in their future studies. Those with extensive prior study of Khmer and/or experience in Cambodia should indicate why additional training is now necessary. The selection committee gives careful attention to the Personal Statement. A full discussion of all points is essential for a successful application. One of the selection committee will contact you or your references.


Oral Interview

In addition to submitting the application form and the documents discussed above, each applicant will be required to participate in an oral interview in Khmer. The interview, which will be recorded and retained for future reference, will normally be conducted by telephone by a member of the Khmer Language Program faculty. Arrangements for the interview will be made after a preliminary review of all applications is completed.


Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Rights and Responsibilities of American participants
    1. A person accepting a grant is not an official or employee of the U.S./E.D. or other agency of the U.S. Government, or of an agency of the government of Cambodia.
    2. Program participants are responsible for observing satisfactory academic and professional standards and for maintaining a standard of conduct and integrity which is in keeping with the spirit and intent of the ASK Program and which will contribute positively to the promotion of mutual understanding between people of the United States and Cambodia.
    3. Program participants are expected to obey the laws of Cambodia.
    4. Program participants should be aware that their public political statements or activities might draw them into the political arena, which can be incompatible with objectives of the project. Participants are responsible for exercising discretion and judgment in all of their actions.

  2. Revocation or Termination of Project Participants
    Under the regulations of the ASK Program, the Project Director may terminate or send a participant home for any of the following reasons:
    1. Violation of United States or Cambodian law;
    2. Acts likely to be offensive to Cambodia;
    3. Failure to observe satisfactory academic or professional standards;
    4. Failure to devote full time to project activities;
    5. Engaging in income producing activities.

  3. Repayment of Monies
    Participants who return to the U.S. prior to the completion of the project, whether they have been terminated for cause or for other reasons, may be required to repay all funds.


Travel Procedures

  1. International Travel and Local Travel
    1. Participant should arrive Phnom Penh, Cambodia 5 days prior to the program starts.
    2. Participants will travel as a group during the overseas phase of the program. At the end of the overseas phase, participants can choose to stay in Cambodia, go to other desitinations or go back home.

  2. Use the Guidelines of the U.S. Department of State Travel, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Cambodian Ministry of Health Travel, and the Cambodian government's policies.

    Health and Accident Insurance
    1. University of Hawaii requires that participants be covered by health and accident insurance plans that are valid abroad as well as in this country. This insurance should include Emergency Medical Evaluation as well as Repatriation of Remains coverage.
    2. Neither the Khmer Abroad Program nor the University of Hawai‘i/the Intensive Abroad Program assumes any responsibility for any injury, accident, illness and loss of personal property or other contingencies that may befall project participants during or as result of their stay abroad.
    3. Here are some resources for students who want to purchase health insurance or supplemental coverage (you can also search online for other insurance resources and get quotes from them):

  3. Inoculations
    For information on availability of medical services abroad and recommended shots (e.g., gamma globulin) project director and participants should follow US Embassy recommendations. Additional information on recommended shots may be obtained by calling the Center for Disease Control's International Travelers Hotline at (404) 332-4559 or from the website

  4. Passport and Visas
    Participants are responsible for obtaining their passports and the appropriate visas. The grant does not provide funds for passport and visa expenses.

    You can also visit the website of the
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation of the Kingdom of Cambodia to apply for E-Visa.

  5. Participant Information Required by the Intensive Abroad Program Prior to Departure
    Approximately five (5) weeks prior to the departure to the country of study, the participants must submit to the Project Director the following documents:
    1. Participant's name (as listed in passport)
    2. Home address
    3. Present employer (name of institution/school/organization)
    4. Position title
    5. E-mail address
    6. Current phone number (up to departure date)



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