Performance Studies

Performance Studies at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, though situated within the Department of Theatre and Dance, is a hybrid program that intersects with other UHM departments as regards course offerings as well as research and artistic collaboration. The Performance Studies curriculum draws from various established fields within the Department of Theatre and Dance (Asian Theatre, Hawaiian Theatre, Dance, Digital Media, Performance Theory, World Dance and Theatre forms) as well as from other UHM programs such as the Academy of Creative Media, Anthropology, Art, Communicology, Ethnomusicology, and Philosophy (to name only a few).

The rise of performance-inflected vocabulary across academic disciplines in the arts, humanities, and social sciences is strongly related to an increasingly wide-spread appreciation for border-crossings, processes, improvisations, contingencies, multiple identities, and the embodied nature of fieldwork and research. Working at the intersections of theory and practice, media and the body, tradition and innovation, the local and the global, the Performance Studies program at UHM is anchored in its geographic location in the mid-Pacific.
At the graduate degree level we offer an MA in Dance (Performance Studies), MA in Theatre (Performance Studies) as well as a PhD in Theatre (Performance Studies).