Perform in English and Hoike in Hawaiian Language. Sit in English and Noho in Hawaiian Language. Release in English and Hookuu in Hawaiian Language. Dance in English and Haa in Hawaiian Language. Hide in English and Pee in Hawaiian Language. Memorize in English and Hoopaanaau in Hawaiian Language. Touch in English and Hoopa in Hawaiian Language. Sing in English and Mele in Hawaiian Language. Appear in English and Oili in Hawaiian Language. Dive in English and Luu in Hawaiian Language. Crawl in English and Kolo in Hawaiian Language. Dance in English and Hula in Hawaiian Language. Balance in English and Kaulike in Hawaiian Language. Bellow in English and Kuo in Hawaiian Language. Breathe in English and Hanu in Hawaiian Language. Extend in English and Hoonui in Hawaiian Language. Embrace in English and Puliki in Hawaiian Language. Flinch in English and Kuemi in Hawaiian Language. Sit in English and Noho in Hawaiian Language. Release in English and Hookuu in Hawaiian Language. Dance in English and Haa in Hawaiian Language.
Hide in English and Pee in Hawaiian Language. Memorize in English and Hoopaanaau in Hawaiian Language. Touch in English and Hoopa in Hawaiian Language. Sing in English and Mele in Hawaiian Language. Appear in English and Oili in Hawaiian Language. Dive in English and Luu in Hawaiian Language. Crawl in English and Kolo in Hawaiian Language. Dance in English and Hula in Hawaiian Language. Balance in English and Kaulike in Hawaiian Language. Bellow in English and Kuo in Hawaiian Language. Breathe in English and Hanu in Hawaiian Language. Extend in English and Hoonui in Hawaiian Language. Embrace in English and Puliki in Hawaiian Language. Flinch in English and Kuemi in Hawaiian Language.


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Former Students

ACHARYA, Rohini (MFA Dance, 2014)      
Former Graduate Assistant at UH Center for South Asian Studies, Bharatanatyam Dance Instructor, Hawai‘i and California

ADDISON, Brittni Shambaugh (MFA Directing, 2013)
Actor-Educator at the Cleveland Play House

AGUIRRE, Falcon (Theatre – Lighting, 2015)
Entertainment Stage Technician at Walt Disney World

AHSING, Lei (MFA Dance, 1983)      
Education Director at Hawaii Arts Alliance, Hawai‘i

AKUNA, Sami L.A. (BFA Dance, BFA Theater, 2013)
M.F.A. Candidate in Theatre Directing, Lecturer in Theatre and Dance (The Art of Drag Performance) UHM, Lecturer in Dance (Modern) and Artist-in-Residence Leeward Community College

ALLEN, Debbie Lutzky (MFA Youth Theatre, 1998)
Founder/Puppeteer, Parasol Puppets

ANDERSON, Aaron (MFA Acting, 1997)
Assistant Professor of theatre, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

ANDERSON, Davin (Theatre/Acting, 2002)

APOSTOL, Troy M (MFA Theatre, Directing, 2015)
Adjunct Theatre Instructor, Hawaii Pacific University

BEHNER, Dusty (Theatre, 2005)
Full time student in the Graduate Entry Progam in Nursing, UHM, graduation 2018

BELKNAP, Jodi (MFA Youth Theatre, 1988)
Owner, Belknap Publishing, Honolulu, HI

BELL, Pam Arciero (MFA Youth Theatre)
Puppeteer, The Muppets

BELLIN, Dean (MFA Theatre-Design, 2007)
Assistant Professor of Technical Theatre – Bismarck State College

BELVIN, Dani (MFA Asian Performance, 2012)
Development Director/Teaching Artist/Artistic Core Member, Blackout Theatre
Adjunct Professor, Central New Mexico Community College

BENDER, Charice (MFA Dance, 1999)
Studio Owner / Director

BLUMNER, Holly (PhD Japanese Theatre, 2004)
Assistant Professor, Saint Mary’s College, Theatre Department

BOTBYL, Brett (MFA Directing/Theatre, 2011)
Educational Specialist, Content Curator/Editor Web Development, Kapi’olani Community College
Artistic Director, Theatricus, Honolulu, HI

BRANNER, Mark (MFA Directing, 2001)
Assistant Professor Theatre for Young Audiences, University of Hawai`i at Mānoa, Honolulu, HI

BRUCE-BARNGROVER, Kathleen (MFA Dance, 1978)
Taught Ballet and Modern Dance at Norfolk Naval Base, Victor Valley Community College, Victorville, CA

CARNEY, Randy (MFA Directing and Production, 1977)

CARTER, Cornelius (MFA Dance)
Professor of Dance, University of Alabama, Alabama

CASSIDY, Walter (MFA Asian Theatre Performance Directing, 1995)
Department head of Arts at Walkerville Collegiate Institute, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

CHAKRAVARTY, Laura (PhD Asian Theatre, 2000)
Assistant Professor of Theater, Colby College, Waterville, ME

CHANG, Willow Alléon (BA Dance, 2002)
Artist, Willow Change Dance, Hawai‘i

CHAPMAN, Rachael (MFA Theatre/Theatre for Young Audiences, 2014)
Teaching Artist for the Honolulu Theatre for Youth

Dancer with Kanopy Dance Company, Wisconsin

CHUN, Celia Wright (MFA Dance, 2007)
Lecturer in Dance (Ballet) at UHM, Dance Instructor at Mid Pacific Institute

CLEAR, Stephen (MFA Design, 1981)
President, Attco, Inc., Honolulu, HI; Freelance Lighting Designer; ETCP Certified Rigger

CONCHING (CURTIS), Stephanie (BA Children’s Theatre, 1993)
Grade 3 Teacher at Maryknoll School

CROWELL, Stephen (MFA Scenic Design, 2001)
Resident Technical Director/Auditorium Manager, BYU Hawai‘i

DEL ROSARIO, Kelly (BA Dance, 2005)   
Dancer with ODC Dance Company and Margie Jenkins Dance Company, San Francisco, California

DEMOVILLE, Ashely (BA Theatre, 2005)
Freelance Director/Actor, Lecturer at Leeward Community College

DIEHL, Elisa (Theatre, 2011)
Adjunct Professor and Performer, San Jacinto College Central, Lone Star College Atascocita Center

DOYLE, R. Kevin Garcia (MFA Directing, 2002)
Director, School of the Arts, Mid-Pacific

ELEFTHERAKIS, Christa (Theatre, Western Theatre History, 2005/7)
Head of Theatre, Dulwich College Suzhou

ELLIOTT, Beth McKee (MFA Dance)
Founder Beth Elliott Dance Group, Artistic Adjunct Faculty Northern Virginia Community College

Artistic Director, East-West Fusion Theatre

Program Coordinator at Kalikolehua – El Sistema, Hawai‘i

FLAHARTY, Cheryl Flaharty (BA Dance 1981)
Artistic Director and Founder of Iona Dance Theatre, Hawai‘i

FOY, Kate (PhD Western Theatre, 1999)
Actor, Director; Assoc Professor Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Griffith University, Australia

FREDETTE, Travers (BFA Dance, 2010)
Dance Instructor, Center Stage Dance Studio, Massachusetts

FREEHILL, Maureen (MFA in Asian Performance, 2001)
Department head; Instructor for Acting, Butoh, Playwriting, Directing, Seattle Central Community College; Solo dance performer (Butoh)

FUNG, Sky (MA Dance, 2014)
Writer, Dancer at Burn’n Love and Royal Lahaina, Hawai‘i

FURUMOTO, David (BA, 1978; MFA Asian Theatre 1982)
Full Professor Theatre and Drama Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Actor/Director

GAINES, Walter (MA Theatre Arts: TYA/Playwriting, 2014)
Theatre Arts Teacher- Middle School, Le Jardin Academy

GARCIA, Teryl (MFA TYA/Puppetry, 2014)
Freelance/ Prop Manager, Puppetry Design and Fabrication/Texas

GLASER, Cassandra (BFA Dance Theatre, 2012)
Current: Freelance Performer Based in New York City:
– Aerialist/Dancer at Grounded Aerial
– Co-producer and Performer with Bourbon and Lace Pin Ups and Cabaret
– Circus Assistant and Performer at The Muse Brooklyn
– Aerialist/Dancer with On The Fly Productions
– Actress/Aerialist at Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic on 42nd Street

GREEN, Chansri (MFA Dance, 2007)
Dance Instructor at Mid-Pacific Institute, Hawai‘i

GONZALEZ-WILER, Tim (MFA Asian Directing and Multicultural Performance, 2003)
Casting Manager at Teatro ZinZanni in Seattle, WA

GOODLANDER, Jennifer (MFA Directing, 2004)
Props Assistant and Adjunct Professor
Pittsburgh Playhouse of Point Park University/ Conservatory of Performing ArtsHARTER, Pat (MFA Youth Theatre) Professor, UCLA, Los Angeles HASHMI, Moneeza (MFA Youth Theatre) Executive Producer, Pakistan TV Corporation HU, Sherwood (Ph.D. Asian Theatre, 2000) Professor, Shanghai Drama Academy/President of CineHyte Films

HARTIGAN, Cindy (MFA Theatre for Youth, 2012)
Adjunct Professor of Dance (Musical Theatre and Tap) at North Central College in Naperville, IL.
Recently appointed Director of a new Youth Theatre Touring Troupe for Fox Valley Repertory in St. Charles, IL.

HAUGEJORDEN, Angela (MFA Dance, 2013)    
Director of Colorguard, East View High School

HELFERT, Becky (MFA Dance)    
Dance Instructor, Montana

HELLER, David (MA Dance, 2014)
Ph.D. Candidate in Dance, Temple University, Pennsylvania

HOFLING, Ana Paula (MFA Dance 2003)
Ph.D. UCLA, Assistant Professor of Dance Studies, UNC, Greensboro, North Carolina

HOLT, Kathryn (MA Dance, 2014)
Ph.D. Candidate in Dance, Ohio State University, Ohio

HORITA, Gene (MFA Dance, 2012)
Yoga Instructor, Seoul, Korea

HOUSE, Emma (Cryan) (Dance, 2001)
Executive Assistant, Clinical Administration Bartlett Regional Hospital, Juneau, Alaska

ISHIDA, Yasu (MFA Theatre for Young Audiences, 2014)
Director, Touring Artist
IZUO, Esther (MFA Dance, 1999)
Dancer Halau Hula Noe’au,  Hawai‘i

JACOB, Jessica (Performance – Asian Theatre, 2006)
Theatre Manager UHM Kennedy Theatre

JEWEL, Rashida (BFA Dance Theatre, 2012)
Dance Educator and Company Director, Bonanza High School, Las Vegas, NV

JIMENEZ, Pablo (MA Dance, 2014)
Published Dance Writer and Scholar, Hawai‘i

JOHNSON, Michelle, (MA Dance, 2013)
Ph.D. Candidate in Dance Studies, York University, Canada

KAM, Garrett (MA Theatre, 1987)
Curator, Neka Art Museum, Ubud, Bali; Free-lance writer and lecturer

KELIN, Daniel (MFA Youth Theatre, 1987)
Director of Drama Education, Honolulu Theatre for Youth

KELTY, Matthew (Asian and Pacific Theatre, 2015)
PhD Student, Asian Theatre, University of Hawaii-Manoa

KIM, Bonnie J. M. (MFA Youth Theatre, 1999)
Founder and director of Bare & Core Expression

KOCIS, Michaela (MFA Costume Design, 2011)
Maternity Leave, Lifestyle Blogger

KOEHN, Joni (Ph.D. Japanese Theatre, 2000)
Japanese teacher/drama teacher
Highland high school and Rio Salado College

LAM, Nicole (BFA Dance, 2009)
Owner and Artistic Director at Prisma Dance School, Hawai‘i

LATIFF, Haji Zainai Abdul (MFA Youth Theatre)
Professor, University of Malaysia

LEE, Nathan K (BA Theatre/Chemistry, 1993) and
(MFA Scenic and Lighting Design, 1996)
Technical Director and Master Electrician for Worcester State University, MA and Technical Director for the Okoboji Summer Theatre, IA

LEE, Viviane (MFA Dance)
Hawai‘i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, Arts Program Specialist, Hawai‘i

LETOTO, Diane (MA Dance, 1994)  
Ph.D. Political Science, Founder of Phoenix Dance Chamber, Lecturer Kapiolani Community College

LIEM, Vincent (Theatre Design, 2005)
Independent Technician Designer

LIGHT, Joel (Theatre for Young Audiences, 1985)
Teacher, Cambridge, MA

LIGSAY, Isaac (MFA Theatre, 2013)
Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures, Honolulu, HI

LILLEIKE, Monika (MFA Asian Performance, Acting)
Vocal performing artist, Berlin, Germany

LIU, Maria (BA Theatre 1991, MFA Design 2012)
Honolulu, HI

LOGUE, Nicholas (MFA Asian Theatre Performance, 2006)
Instructor and Head of Theatre, Windward Community College

LONG (CARTER), Heather Keiko (Asian Theatre, 1994)
Program Analyst, US Army, Seoul Korea

LUKE, Jen Dickenson (Youth Theatre, Curriculum, 2012)
Artistic Director: Haymarket Theatre, Lincoln NE

MALEY, PAUL (MA Dance 1991)  
Dance Program Director, Mid Pacific Institute School of the Arts, Hawai‘i

MARTIN, Theresa “Res” (MA Theatre Arts, 1989)
Guest Teacher, Carson City NV.
Brewery Arts Center-Guest Instructor
Carson City “Wired-Wednesday” Film and Media Committee
SHOOT IT LIVE – Affiliate

MAURICIO, David (MA Theatre, 2002)
Affiliate Instructor of English
Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu

MCDONALD-JUAREZ, Brandi (MFA Asian Theatre Performance, 1999)
Brandi lives in her home state of Oklahoma with her family, and has been in sales with AT&T since 2009

MCGARVEY, Becky (BFA Dance, 2010)  
Dancer with IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre, Divine Ritmo, Playbuilders Ensemble,  Spatial Sculptors, and instructor at Still and Moving Center, Hawai‘i

MCKINLEY, Meghen (MFA Dance, 2013)
Dance Lecturer, Modern and Visual Media, Anderson University, Indiana

MEI, Sun (Ph.D Asian Theatre, 1997)
Seniour Lecturer, School of Asian and European Languages and Cultures, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

MERIDA, Elizabeth (BFA Dance, 2005)
Dancer/choreographer LESPHINXX, NYC

MILLER, Heidi (MFA 1996)

MINER, Amy (MFA, Children’s Theatre Curriculum,  2007)
Language Arts and Drama teacher at Yankton High School in Yankton, South Dakota

MINERBI, Mareva (MFA Dance, 2015)
Lecturer, Kapi’olani Community College; Drama Director, Saint Francis School; Instructor, Ballet Hawaii

MOLINA, Gilbert (BA Theatre, 2004)

MYERS, Karissa J Murrell (MFA Western Performance, 2014)
Teaching Artist, Actor, Director

NG, Chris (MFA Youth Theatre, 1991)
United Nations Award Recipient (Malaysia) in Youth Theatre.
TV Personality and Director, Indonesia

NOR, Anis (MA Dance)
Director of Dance at University of Malaysia, Malaysia

OPPENHEIMER, Sharon (MFA Youth Theatre, 1995)
Artistic Director, Planned Parenthood IMAGES Theatre

OTA, Mayu (MFA Dance, 2013)
Dance Instructor, Mikiyo Imai Modern Dance Company 今井美紀代舞踊研究所, Japan

Program Director, Hawai’i Theatre

PATTEN, Dneka (Theatre, 2010)

PEACOCK, Kelsey (MFA Theatre, 2015)
Stage Technician at Hawai’i Theatre

PETERSON, Maryann (BFA Dance, 2007)  
Performer with Roschman Dance, NYC

PILI PANG, Kumu Michael (MFA Dance, 2005)  
Founder of Halau Hula Ka Noe‘au, Hawai‘i

POULIOT, Nicole (MFA Dance, 2005)  
Teacher, Dancer, Visual Artist NYC

PILLAI, Janet (MFA Youth Theatre)
Theatre Director, Five Arts Centre and Young Theatre, Malaysia
Lecturer, School of Arts, University Sains Malaysia

QUILINQUIN, Donald (MFA Theatre Scenic Design, 2013)  
Scenic and Lighting Designer/Technical Director, Imperial Center Theatre, Rocky Mount, NC

RADAKOVICH, Jennifer (MA Dance)
Program Manager for Tandy Beal Co., Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center, Published Writer Korea Times and Korean Research Journal of Dance Documentation, Santa Cruz, California

RANDERSON, Danny (MFA Acting, 2011)
Bartender and Actor

REBUDAL, Jeff Michael (BA Dance, 1990)
Associate Professor, Wayne State University, Michigan

REINKE, David (MA Asian Theatre/Kabuki, 1982)
Academic Ronin, Writing film reviews for Ancient Warfare Magazine

RENNY, Sarah (Hartley) (BFA Dance, 2008)

ROWE, Sharon (MFA Dance, 1990)
Professor of Philosophy and Ballet, Kapiolani Community College,

SANTOS, Lauren (BFA Dance, 2011)
Dancer with Dash Ensemble, New York

SATO, Izumi (MA Dance, 2005)
Lecturer in Dance at University of California, Santa Cruz, California

SCHLOSS, Jonathon (MFA Youth Theatre, 1994)
Director of US Operations, International Mascot

SCHMIEDL, Eric (MFA Youth Theatre, 1995)
Writer, Cleveland Playhouse, Ohio

SCHMITZ, Melissa (MA Theatre, 2013)
Marketing and Communications Manager at Milagro, Portland OR

SCHUBOTHE, Laura (Modern Dance and Creative Dance, 1983)
Creative Dance Teacher and Classroom Teacher Vancouver School District Vancouver, Washington

SCHUSTER, Michael (PhD Asian Theatre)
Curator, East-West Center Gallery, Honolulu

SHANNON, Jenny (MFA Dance, 2003)
Dance Lecturer, Kapiolani Community College, Director, Convergence Dance Theatre, Hawai‘i

SHEMBER, Staci (MFA Costume Design, 1993)
Free lance costume designer in NY

SHIROMA, Yukie (MFA Dance, 1987)  
Lecturer in Dance  (Okinawan) at UHM, Director of Monkey Waterfall, Hawai‘i

SHUFORD, Elise (MFA Puppetry and Design, 2014)
2nd Year Redhouse Teaching Fellow at Porter Elementary in Syracuse, NY

SIRONEN, Sonja (MA Dance)
Dance Instructor (Bharatanatyam) and Writer, Pape’ete, MBA Chaminade, Health Supplement Business, Essen, Germany

SLAUGHTER, Tim (MFA Youth Theatre, 1992)
Specialist, UH Outreach College, Honolulu, HI

SMITH, Stuart E.W. (MFA Theatre and Dance, 1991)
Artistic Director, Motherlode Stage Company, California

SOMDAY UNEMORI, Tanya (MFA Dance, 2010)  
Owner and Director of Sumek Dance LLC, ( Wailuku, Hawai‘i

SOTA, Benjamin (MFA Directing, 2013)
Assistant Professor of Physical Theatre

STARR, Tammyan Metz (Dance, 1999)
Physical Therapist, Dancer/Choreographer, Bowling Green, Ohio

STAUB, Nancy (MFA Youth Theatre, 1990)
Board Member, Jim Henson Foundation

STEPHENS, Blythe C. (MFA Dance, 2015)
Dance Educator, Honolulu HI

STEVENS, Elyse (MFA Dance, 2012)
Lecturer in Dance at St. Mary’s College in Maryland

TAKAMINE, Kumu Vicky Holt (MA Dance, 1994)
U.H.M. Lecturer Hula and Chant,  Founder of the Pua Ali‘i ‘Ilima hālau hula (Hawaiian dance school) and PA’I Foundation, Hawai‘i

TAKETA, Eddie (BFA Dance)
Dancer with Doug Varone and Dancers, New York

TAVORN, Tanyah (Art/Theatre, 2009)
Arts Manager, Creative Consultant; Honolulu HI/Southern CA/New York NY

TEODORO, Melissa (MA Dance, 2003)
Assistant Professor, Slippery Rock University, Pennsylvania

TERASHITA, Futoshi (MFA Asian Theatre Performance, 2010)
Professional Actor, Tokyo Japan

TESSIER, Nicole (MFA Asian Theatre Performance, 2006)
Patron Services Manager, Hawaii Symphony Orchestra; Production Manager, Hawaii Shakespeare Festival

THELIN, Carl (MFA Directing, 1998)
Freelance Videographer and Independent Filmmaker

TOMINAGA, Meg Hanna (MFA Scenic Design, 2014)
Asst. Professor of Theatre, Converse College, Spartanburg, SC

WADLEGGER, Kelly (MFA Dance 2009)
Independent choreographer/performer/international educator
Honolulu based

WANG, Chong (Asian Theatre, 2007)
Artistic Director of Theatre du Reve Experimental, Beijing

WARRAN, Amy Redmond (MFA Dance 2008)
Owner/Artistic Director Flying Colors Dance and Fitness, Hollister, California

WEBSTER, Matt (MFA Youth Theatre, 1995)
Associate Professor of Theatre Education/Theatre for Youth
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

WEDL, Becky Helfert, (MFA Dance, 2007)
Owner/Director Performing Arts on the Main, East Helena, MT

WELCH, Kathleen, (Ph.D. Asian Theatre, 2000)
Founder, director of theatre company, Minneapolis

WEST, Virginia (MFA Costume Design, 1981)
Costume Designer at Franklin & Marshall College

WHIPPY, Clara (MFA Youth Theatre, 2012)
Program Coordinator- Kalikolehua El Sistema

WILLIAMS, Kelly (MFA Directing, 2001)
Gorilla Tango Comedy Theatre – performer; Training Center Director, Instructor, freelance grant writer

WUESTEWALD, Ryan (Acting, 2002)
Actor, New York

YEP, Jasmine (MFA Theatre, 2012)
Associate Director of Youth and Community Programs, San Francisco Ballet

YOUNG, Bryan (MFA Youth Theatre)
Puppeteer, Choreographer, Sesame Street

In Memorium

Abel Coelho

Jennie Lake

Frances Mammana

Lisa Matsumoto ( – 2007)
(MFA Youth Theatre, 1992)
Producer, Playwright, ‘Ohi‘a Productions, Honolulu

Devika Wasson

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