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Organizations for Parents

PACT Respite Care
Respite Care provides a much needed break from child care responsibilities for parents who are under stress and cannot afford childcare. Respite is "Time-Out" for Parents of Children 0-5 years. It is a safe and nurturing environment where families can drop off their children for three hours of free childcare (one day per week) so that they can have some time for themselves. For information on Respite Services, call the Respite Care Program at 841-1027.

Parentline for Hawaiʻi
Free statewide confidential telephone line and website which offers support and information to parents and other caregivers. The website includes the following helpful guides: 1) KeikiʻO Hawaiʻi a 15 volume newsletter for
parenting from birth to age 3. 2) Parent Resource Guide a very useful directory for parents of small children. 3) Teddy Bear Post, a newsletter full of information on parenting.

The Institute for Family Enrichment (TIFFE) provides training, consultation, educational programs and therapeutic services designed to improve the quality of personal, family, and professional relationships.

Family Education Training Center of Hawai'i (FETCH)
Do you want to improve your relations with your children? FETCH is a University of Hawaii-based non-profit that provides parenting education, counseling, and programs for youth, ages 2-18. Two 12-week Parent Education and Counseling sessions are offered throughout the school year. For more information contact them at (808) 956-2248.

Ohana First/Tyme a program hosted by Hale Kipa that provides prevention services designed to give families quality time with their children. Services are FREE and open to families residing in the Nuuanu, Punchbowl and Papakolea areas. Activies include dinner/pupus and drinks. For more information, contact the program coordinator at (808) 589-1829 x 203.

Keiki Injury Prevention Coalition has a list of facts to prevent and reduce injuries to children.

Zero to Three is a national nonprofit organization that informs, trains and supports professionals, policymakers and parents in their efforts to improve the lives of infants and toddlers.

Born Learning is an innovative public engagement campaign that helps parents, caregivers and communities create quality early learning opportunities for young children. Born Learning is designed as a tool for long-lasting community change that supports young children through awareness, education and action.

Positive Coaching Alliance is a non-profit within Stanford University Athletics' Department that provides information about creating a positive, character-building youth sports environment. They provide ʻGame-Day Tips for Parentsʻ such as 1) tell your child you are proud of them before and after the game, 2) let the coaches coach during the game, and 3) after the game thank officals and coaches, then let your child tell you about the game rather than offering your own post-game analysis.

Click here for a link to free tips & tools for Parents. Download the “Positive Coaching's Honoring the Game” PDF.

Visit the American Academy of Pediatirics website section for parents,

Math and Science Tutoring Services

OLA - Online Learning Academy provides FREE online math and science tutoring for all Hawaii Department of Education K-12 and University of Hawaii system students. To use these services, go to:, click on "Get Started" to begin. For more information or help contact: Davilla Riddle at or (808) 956-3714.

Children with Special Needs Resources

LD-ADHD Center of Hawaii
Do you have a child that may have special needs? The professional staff at LD-ADHD Center of Hawaii can help you with identifying and diagnosing a learning disability. Call 955-4775. Accepts Quest.

Special Parent Information Network (SPIN)
A parent-to-parent organization in Hawaii that provides information, support, and referrals to parents of children and young adults with disabilities and the professionals who serve them. Call 586-8126.

Hawaii Keiki Information Service System (H-KISS)
A service of the Early Intevention Section, Hawaii Dept. of Heatlh (DOH). It provides free information and referral services for children ages 0-3. You may ask questions and/or get your child evaluated for developmental delays or other special needs. Click here to download a brochure, or call 594-0066, M-F, 8:30AM - 3PM.

Operation Search
This program, coordinated by the Dept. of Education (DOE), helps identify children with disabilities ages 3-20. For more information call 203-5566 (statewide) or 1-800-297-2070 (neighbor islands). Visit their website to download an informational brochure. The program brochure is translated into 12 different languages. For children under the age of 3, refer to H-KISS (listed above).

UH Speech & Hearing Clinic
University of Hawaii Speech and Hearing Clinic (UHSHC) provides speech, language, and hearing services to the Hawaii community, including diagnostic evaluations and therapeutic services to children and adults on an outpatient basis. Call 692-1580 for clinical rates and/or to make an appointment. Located at 677 Ala Moana Blvd. Suite 625.


Financial Literacy

  • Parents can use the worksheets, lessons, and activities for teaching money, business, and life skills from the money instructor.

(Also see our budgeting section on this website).


Guides & Online Magazines for Moms/Dads

Island Family Hawaiʻi - Hawaiʻi's monthly magazine for families, is considered #1 source for parenting information. Island Family also features kids pages with activities, games, contests and prizes.

Hawaii Parent Information Resource Center (HPIRC) aims to enrich the education of Hawaiʻi's children by strengthening the relationship between the school and family. They also prepare the Annual Hawaiʻi Parent Guide.

Healthy Tips for Teens-The American Medical Association (AMA) designed the "Parents Package" which addresses 15 different topics to help guide adolescent to become healthy, respondsible, young adults. The guide includes a range of topics including: teen violence prevention, depression, sex, and nutrition. To download the "Parents Package" pdf, click here.

Hawaii Children's Action Network (HCAN)
HCAN, formerly known as the Good Beginnings Alliance, is the leading policy advocacy organization in the State of Hawaiʻi`i ensuring that all keiki are safe, healthy and ready to succeed. They also publish Media Resources such as press releases, reports, and data.
A resource website for Single Moms with helpful information concerning Education, Financial Assistance, Parenting, and Advice. Join the forums and share your experience with other single mothers.

The National Women's Health Center Resource has a host of resources and information on women's health issues. The site also includes a blog for new mothers called Notes from the Nursery.

Work it, Mom!
It is an online community and resource for working moms. It is a place to connect with other working moms, share ideas, suggestions, and advice about juggling work and family, and find useful resources for everything from living on a budget to making quick family dinners.

Hip Mama is a magazine bursting with political commentary and ribald tales from the front lines of motherhood.


Literacy/Reading Activities for Kids

  • Activities for kids from "Get Ready to Read". Their "Useful Websites" on literacy skills from Get Ready to Read provides useful links to other organizations/guides which promotes early learning and reading skills.
  • Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) a program supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Their resources page for parents is full of useful materials/information.
  • Literacy tips for parents from PBS provides some useful and engaging expert-approved ideas to help you teach your child to read, and have fun doing it!
  • Parents Handouts from Zero to three for fun and growth for your child.

Lactation/Healthy Eating/Cooking

Lactation Spaces on Campus
Student parents returning to school and needing a clean and comfortable space to express milk are welcome to use the designated lactation spaces on campus, located at:

  • Gartley Hall Lactorium (GH 202) - to reserve a space call 956-7182 or email:
  • Hamilton Library Lactation Space (HL 313). Click here for more information or to reserve the space. The space can be booked in 30 min. increments up to 60 min.
  • Women's Center Lactation Space (QLCSS #205). For more information, please call the Women's Center at 956-8059 or email to coordinate use of the Lactation room in the student services building.

Hawaiʻi Foods: Nutrition With Aloha
Provides nutritional information about local foods. Looking for nutrition information for your favorite local food.

This amazing site has more than 10,000 links to just about anything related to food: recipes, nutrition information, daily menus, food forums - you name it.

Still Tasty: Food Shelf Life
How long can a bottle of ketchup last in your fridge before it goes bad? If you want an expert opinion, just go to the website below. This site lists all kind of foods, their shelf as well as their refrigerated life and how to keep them fresh longer. Click here!

Buying Organic Fruits & Veggies
If deciding which fruits/vegetables to consider buying organic, check out the Shopper's Guide to Pesticides created by the Environmental Working Group, which lists pesticide levels typically found in different fruits and vegetables and ranks them from the worst (highest levels) to the best (lowest levels).

The site Food Safety is the gateway to food safety information provided by government agencies.

GM and Organic Food Tip
GMO-free and organic produce isn't available everywhere, but this trick helps you know what's what when navigating the veggie aisle. Look for the labels stuck on your fruits and veggies:

  • A four-digit number means it's conventionally grown.
  • A five-digit number beginning with 9 means it's organic.
  • A five-digit number beginning with 8 means it's GM.


Green Parenting