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Forming or Renewing an RIO

Registered Independent Organizations (RIOs) are student organizations formed to meet the special interests of certain groups of students on campus. RIOs enhance the educational environment of the campus community by providing educational, social, cultural, recreational, governance, religious, or communication activities for students.

RIO Relationship with the University

Those interested in forming or renewing an RIO have a need to understand the relationship of RIOs to the University. The University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents has established policy defining this relationship. RIOs are legally independent of the University, therefore they are not agencies of the University. The University assumes no responsibility for the activities of an RIO. Moreover, RIO leaders shall assume full responsibility for the organization’s activities and conduct of its members. [RP 7.203]

Authorized Representatives of an RIO (RIO Leaders)

Forming or renewing an RIO at UHM requires at least 6 current UHM students with a shared interest in establishing, developing, representing, and being responsible for the proposed organization. These 6 students will serve as the authorized representatives (RIO leaders) for the organization with the Office of Student Life and Development.

UHM faculty or staff members may have the same special interests as students forming or renewing an RIO and may wish to fill the role of one or more of the six authorized representatives (RIO leaders) of said RIO. When UHM faculty or staff members choose to join a RIO in this capacity, the relationship status of the RIO to the University does not change. The RIO is still independent of the University and is not an agency of the University. As a RIO leader, full responsibility documented in policy applies.

Greek Organizations and/or other National Organizations

On occasion SLD is contacted with inquiries about the process to establish a fraternity or sorority affiliated with a national organization. The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa does not have a special Greek Life program, office, or process for establishing a fraternity or sorority. Since student fraternities and/or sororities meet the definition of RIOs established in policy, they are welcome to form or renew their registration using the RIO application process. National organizations (Greek life or otherwise) are welcome to work with current students to establish a local chapter. Note: SLD does not provide student contact information for national organizations or formally engage in the traditional Greek colonization process.

Forming or Renewing an RIO

All RIOs must complete the following registration steps on an annual basis to remain active:

  • Submit a completed RIO Application (Applications for the 2023-24 academic year will be available on August 15th).
  • Complete the RIO Orientation Requirement (link to RIO Orientation), applies to all 6 authorized representatives
  • Submit Authorized Representative Signature Forms, applies to all 6 authorized representatives
  • If the organization will engage in initiatory activities for its continuing or new members, complete the Anti-Hazing Workshop Requirement
  • Submit a Constitution OR Charter (if not currently on file with SLD) that has been adopted or ratified by the members of the RIO (Sample Constitution)
  • Submit a Current Member Roster (must include names and email addresses)

Most organizations submit documents for registration at the beginning of the fall semester so they can be active for the full academic year. However, the Office of Student Life and Development will process applications throughout the academic year (start of the fall semester until the close of the spring semester).

RIO Application Review and Approval Process

Our RIO Application Review and Approval Process is as follows:

Phase 1- Application Receipt

  • SLD customer service associates in CC 208 receive the applications and check for submission of all required forms, orientation, anti-hazing if applicable, etc. If an application is missing information, a staff member informs the main contact person listed on the application via email.
  • SLD customer service associates provide information about the Anti-Hazing Workshop (if applicable) via email.
  • Once the SLD customer service associates verify all components are included in the application, the application is routed internally to the SLD programmers.

Phase 2- Initial Review

  • The SLD programmers do the initial review of the application. They verify that the 6 authorized representatives are affiliated with the University, as well as look over the purpose statement and constitution of the organization. Once cleared, the SLD programmers route the application for final review. If the SLD programmers find that one or more authorized representative are not affiliated with UH, and/or have questions about the constitution, they will make contact with the main contact person to gain clarification.

Phase 3- Final Review

  • The final reviewer is a Graduate Student Assistant or full-time faculty or staff member of the department.
  • Before final approval commences the final reviewer checks to see if there are any holds pending for the organization. This could be financial holds or behavioral (student conduct) holds.
  • If there are any holds, the six authorized representatives listed on the application are notified and the application does not move forward for final review until the hold(s) have been addressed.
  • If there are no holds, the final review process commences and can take up to 10 business days.
  • Once the RIO is approved, the public RIO list is updated and the 6 authorized representatives are notified.

When contacting for information on the status of the group’s application, it might be helpful to ask if the application is with the customer services associates (still waiting on documents or completion or requirements), the programmers (going through initial review) or at the final review process.

Approved RIOs, Update of Current RIO List

Whenever new (and renewal) organizations have been approved, the list of current RIOs on this website is updated. This weekly update to the list occurs by the end of the workday on Mondays (next business day if it is a state holiday). If there are no changes to the list from the previous week(s), no new (or renewal) organizations have been approved.

If approved, the RIO is registered until September 30th of the next academic year (fall semester approvals) or calendar year (spring semester approvals). If a RIO’s registration lapses, the RIO may lose benefits such as being able to have an organizational email address or an organizational website with UH.

Required Disclaimer

Per UH Board of Regents Policy 7.203, RIOs must include the following disclaimer in its publications and communications with third parties (this includes but is not limited to on websites, social media pages, fliers, banners, in advertisements, etc):

“Although the registered organization has members who are university students, the registered organization is independent of the university and does not represent the views of the university. The registered organization is responsible for its own contracts, acts, or omissions.”


If you have any questions or wish to check on the status of your RIO application, please contact