The Fourth Hawai‘i International Conference on Chinese Studies (HICCS), organized by the Center for Chinese Studies at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, will be held in-person, January 8-10, 2025.

Honolulu is a vibrant city in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Its central location provides a meeting point where researchers within various disciplines of Chinese Studies can meet, discuss, and network with scholars around the globe. This conference will bring together educators and professionals from a wide range of fields in Chinese Studies to present papers on various aspects of Chinese culture and society in mainland China (Hong Kong, Macau), Taiwan, and among overseas Chinese societies. The goal of the conference is to create an interdisciplinary atmosphere for our understanding of the past, present, and future of Chinese Studies. Papers can address issues within China and in Chinese communities throughout the world. Paper submission in either English and Chinese is acceptable.

TOPICS: Papers might address one or more of the following fields of Chinese Studies: Anthropology, Art and Art History, Business, Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, Economics, Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, Film/Media Studies, Finance, Health Sciences, History, Journalism/Communication, Language Pedagogy, Law, Library Sciences, Linguistics, Literature, Marketing, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Religion, Sociology, Theater/Music/Performance Studies, Translation Studies, and Travel Industry Management.

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