The Hawaii Energy Policy Forum enables informed decisions to advance Hawaii’s clean energy future by convening a collaborative network of stakeholders for fact finding, analysis, information sharing, and advocacy.


A pono energy system that sustains a healthy, prosperous, and resilient Hawaii in the face of climate change.

Legislative Energy Briefing

2021 Legislative Energy Briefing

The Hawaii State Energy Office and the Hawaii Energy Policy Forum held the 2021 Legislative Energy Briefing on January 15, 2021


The energy sector is severely affected by COVID-19. There have been steps to support the energy sector and to mitigate the negative effects of the crisis. This page provides synthesized COVID-19 related energy information to help inform the public.

Hawaii's Energy Stakeholders

See HEPF's compilation of Hawaii's energy stakeholders

Act Database

Act Database

See HEPF’s compilation of acts enacted between 1999 - 2019

Federal Policies Compilation

Federal Policies Compilation

This compilation contains existing federal policies related to energy. It includes a description of the policy (as of June 2020), policy type, relevant sector, managing agency and federal citations to amendments.

Legislative Session Energy Bills

2020 Legislative Session Energy Bills

See HEPF’s summary of energy bills introduced

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A cool solution to a hot topic: Community hubs can address climate change, mobility, and resilience in Hawaii.

Think about how a place that now stores single occupancy vehicles (aka a parking lot) can be transformed into hub of activity that brings options and amenities to all people—not just those who own cars. Imagine how this valuable land could be used for transit, bikes, bikeshare, carshare, e-bike and e-freight parking, electric vehicle charging, drones, AVs, and yes, even kayaks. You’re imagining a multi-modal mobility hub. Now take that further, and make it a place where people can access not just mobility, but amenities—like daycare, laundry, groceries. And in times of disaster events, these could even serve as resilience hubs.

HEPF Peer Exchange: Benchmarking Low-Carbon Transportation Policy and Greenhouse Gas Analysis

The Hawaii Energy Policy Forum (HEPF) held its third member-driven peer exchange (co-sponsored by Ulupono Initiative) on December 4, 2019, bringing together over 30 energy organizations to benchmark low-carbon transportation policy and analytical methods to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The goal of this peer exchange was to: learn from each other about international, national, and sister state policy and market trends and best practices in greenhouse gas and low-carbon transportation policy, particularly those which use carbon lifecycle analysis as a primary mechanism for measurement of success and market value;

HEPF Peer Exchange: Advancing and Accelerating Hawai’i’s Renewable Energy Goals through Clean Transportation

The Hawai’i Energy Policy Forum (HEPF) held its second member-driven peer exchange on October 10, 2019, with a focus on clean transportation and opportunities for unlocking procurement options for government fleets. Participants from all four Counties and the State government came together to tackle two main objectives: 1) To move towards government procurement of clean transportation options by drafting initial language, and identifying areas where further investigation is needed; and 2) To build connections among the counties and state level to support ongoing collaboration on clean transportation procurement.

HEPF Hosts its First Peer Exchange: A Mitigation-Resilience-Equity Nexus Approach to Clean Transportation

HEPF initiated a new program- -member-driven peer exchanges, which are small group policy discussions on specific, shared energy policy and planning issues aimed at encouraging collaborative dialogue to inform policy and action. HEPF’s first peer exchange (co-sponsored by Ulupono Initiative and Hawaii Energy) focused on the Mitigation-Resilience-Equity (M-R-E) Nexus. It was held on September 11, 2019 in Kaanapali, Maui, on the shoulder of the Hawaii Conference of Planning Officials (HCPO)

2019 Legislative Session Debrief

HEPF moderated Women in Renewable Energy’s (WiRE) legislative session debrief on May 24, 2019. Panelists included Representative Nicole Lowen, Jeannine Souki from Hawaii Gas, Shannon Alivado from Hawaiian Electric, and Melissa Miyashiro from Blue Planet Foundation. Before diving into the discussion, HEPF spoke about the Forum, its new initiatives, and public resources developed by HEPF.

HEPF at the Hawaii Energy Conference

HEPF was a sponsor of the Hawaii Energy Conference held on March 27-28, 2019. Over 300 energy stakeholders met for thought-provoking dialogue on energy policy. This year’s theme was “Innovation in Practice.” HEPF hosted an outreach booth to highlight the Forum’s activities and resources. Participants were also asked to provide their thoughts on two questions: “What are the most pressing energy issues facing Hawaii in the next few years? What energy issues would benefit from more discussion amongst Hawaii stakeholders and mainland experts?”

We had a wonderful round of panelists at our #UHHEPF annual briefing who covered topics ranging from climate change policy, roadblocks in electricity & ground transportation to meet our goals, & our recent peer exchange discussions! Can’t wait to see what’s next in 2020!


Thank you to all who attended our #UHHEPF annual briefing. A big mahalo to @GovHawaii @NLowen @EnergyHawaiiGov for their insightful opening remarks & keynote speech on energy, transportation, & climate change policy! Stay tuned for videos and photos on our website!


Join us in the new year at our annual briefing on “Bending the Curve: Energy, Transportation, & Climate Change Policy” on Friday, Jan 10 from 1-4:30pm at the State Capitol Auditorium.

RSVP on eventbrite: https://bit.ly/2Q5QY4B We hope to see you there!

Finished our last peer exchange in our inaugural round! We had great dialogue & information sharing on benchmarking low-carbon transportation policy & the greenhouse gas lifecycle assessment methodology. Stay tuned for our blog post summary!


Check out the #UHHEPF website for our series of blog posts on recent peer exchanges focusing on the #electrification of government fleets & the mitigation-resilience-equity nexus! http://manoa.hawaii.edu/hepf/index.php/updates/

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