Welcome to the Hawai'i Energy Policy Forum

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2023, Hawai’i Energy Policy Forum (HEPF) involves representatives from the electric utilities, oil and natural gas suppliers, environmental and community groups, renewable energy industry, academia, and federal, state and local government: all working together to seek smart energy solutions to sustain a healthy prosperous, and secure Hawai’i. The Forum’s mission is to share ideas and information, recommend and advocate policies and initiatives, and promote civic action to achieve a clean and sustainable energy future for Hawaiʻi. To this end, it conducts research, briefings, forums for informative and deliberative dialogue and policy development, annual legislative briefings, and outreach and public education.

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Federal Energy Policy: Energy and Climate Funding


What is HEPF?
The Hawaii Energy Policy Forum (HEPF) brings together energy stakeholders through the facilitation of committees and legislative briefings. Check out the About page for our history.

What does hepf do?

The Hawai’i Energy Policy Forum enables informed decisions to advance Hawai’i’s clean energy future by convening a collaborative network of stakeholders for fact finding, analysis, information sharing, and advocacy.

What information is on this website?

This website is a resource for HEPF members and community members interested in energy policy. The website contains policy analysis, energy news, and information on HEPF events.

Can I make a difference in my community?

YES! Hawaii has a commitment to a 100% renewable energy portfolio by 2045, but that is only possible with engaged and active communities. Individuals make sure that Hawaii stays on the forefront of the clean energy transition.

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