The Contemporary Pacific: A Journal of Island Affairs


With editorial offices at the Center for Pacific Islands Studies, The Contemporary Pacific covers a wide range of disciplines with the aim of providing comprehensive coverage of contemporary developments in the entire Pacific Islands region and the global Pacific diaspora. It features refereed, readable articles that examine social, economic, political, ecological, literary, and cultural topics, along with political reviews, book and media reviews, resource reviews, and a dialogue section with interviews and short essays. Each issue highlights the work of one or more Pacific Islander artists.

Current Issue Contents 29(1)

About the Artist: Lisa Reihana


Walls of Empowerment: Reading Public Murals in a Kanaka Maoli Context
A Mārata Ketekiri Tamaira

Traveling Houses: Performing Diasporic Relationships in Europe
A-Chr (Tina) Engels-Schwarzpaul

Cedaw Smokescreens: Gender Politics in Contemporary Tonga
Helen Lee

Political Reviews

Micronesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016
Michael Lujan Bevacqua, Landisang L Kotaro, Monica C LaBriola, Clement Yow Mulalap

Polynesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016"Peter Clegg, Lorenz Gonschor, Margaret Mutu, Christina Newport, Steven Ratuva, Forrest Wade Young

Book and Media Reviews

Kuleana and Commitment: Working Toward a Collaborative Hawaiian Archaeology, by Kathleen L Kawelu
Reviewed by Jan Becket

Guam Museum/Guam and Chamorro Education Facility
Reviewed by Jesi Lujan Bennett

Ever the Land: A People, A Place, Their Building [documentary]
Reviewed by David Lipset

Hope at Sea: Possible Ecologies in Oceanic Literature, by Teresa Shewry
Reviewed by Paul Lyons

From King Cane to the Last Sugar Mill: Agricultural Technology and the Making of Hawai‘i’s Premier Crop, by C Allan Jones and Robert V Osgood
Reviewed by A Kaipo T Matsumoto

Southern Cook Islands Customary Law, History and Society: Akapapaʻanga, Kōrero Tupuna, e te Ākonoʻanga Ture ʻEnua o te Pā ʻEnua Tonga o te Kūki ʻAirani, by Ron Crocombe and Ross Holmes
Reviewed by Alexander Mawyer

Greed and Grievance: Ex-Militants’ Perspectives on the Conflict in Solomon Islands 1998–2003, by Matthew G Allen
Reviewed by Gordon Leua Nanau

Unearthing the Polynesian Past: Explorations and Adventures of an Island Archaeologist, by Patrick Vinton Kirch
Reviewed by Matthew Prebble

He Nae Ākea: Bound Together [exhibition]
Reviewed by Shelby Pykare

Talanoa: Building a Pasifika Research Culture, edited by Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop and Eve Coxon
Reviewed by Nāsili Vaka‘uta

Aloha America: Hula Circuits through the U.S. Empire, by Adria L Imada
Reviewed by Kēhaulani Vaughn

The Making of Asmat Art: Indigenous Art in a World Perspective, by Nick Stanley
Reviewed by Maggie Wander

In the Next Issue 29(2)

Climate Change and the Imagining of Migration: Emerging Discourses on Kiribati’s Land Purchase in Fiji
Elfriede Hermann and Wolfgang Kempf

Charting Pacific (Studies) Waters: Evidence of Teaching and Learning
Teresia K Teaiwa

Losing Oceania to the Pacific and the World
David Hanlon

Political Reviews of the Region and Melanesia

Book and Media Reviews

Contributors include David Hanlon, Elfriede Hermann, Wolfgang Kempf, and Teresia K Teaiwa