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Activity: Navigating with Nautical Charts

Use a nautical chart and other tools to navigate in coastal waters back to a boat harbor.

Activity: Sediment Cores

Simulate taking sediment cores in the ocean to build an understanding of sediment layering and sediment core sampling.

Activity: Crayon Rock Cycle

Simulate the rock cycle using crayons to build an understanding of the processes that occur to create sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rock.

Activity: Simulating Sonar Mapping of The Ocean Floor

Simulate the collection and use of sonar data to make hypotheses about the ocean floor.

Activity: Contour Lines and Nautical Charts

Use bathymetric sounding data from nautical charts to map seafloor features.

Activity: Contour and Raised Relief Maps

Construct contour and raised relief maps of common underwater features.

Activity: Interpreting Contour Maps

Use two-dimensional maps to learn about the major landform and seafloor features of the earth.

Activity: Continental Movement over Long Time Scales

Evaluate and interpret several lines of evidence for continental drift over geological time scales.

Activity: Earth’s Plates

Examine a map of the earth’s tectonic plates. Based on evidence that has been found at plate boundaries, make some hypotheses about the movement of those plates.

Activity: Modeling Plate Spreading

Simulate tectonic plate spreading by modeling convection currents that occur in the mantle.


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