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Ania Wieczorek

Specialist Molecular Ecology/Biotechnology 


Invasive weeds; Miconia calvescens; Pennisetum setaceum; Population genetics; Western flower thrips; Molecular phylogenetic; Transgenic crops; GMO


B.S., cum laude, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, 1994; Ph.D., University of the Western Cape, South Africa, 1999

Courses Taught:

Research Interests:

My research uses molecular techniques to address applied agricultural and ecological problems, especially invasive plant species. I also work on evolution of introduced species, using population genetics methods. I have experience in agricultural and social interactions surrounding GE crops, as well as biological questions related to systematics and conservation of plant- and animals species.

Selected Publications:

  • Vorsino, A.E., Wieczorek, A. M., Wright, W. G., & Messsing, R. H. (in press) Using evolutionary tools to facilitate the prediction and prevention of host-based differentiation in biological control: a review and perspective. Annals of Applied Biology, doi:10.1111/j.1744-7348.2012.00535.x
  • Vorsino, A.E., Wieczorek, A. M., Wright, W. G., & Messsing, R. H. (in press) An analysis of heterosis and outbreeding depression among lab-reared populations of the parasitoid Diachasmimorpha tryoni (Cameron) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae); potential implications for augmentative releases. Biological Control, doi:10.1016/ j.biocontrol.2012.01.003
  • Hardesty B.D., Le Roux, J.J., Rocha, O.J., Meyer, J-Y, Westcott, D. and Wieczorek, A.M. (in press). Getting here from there: testing the paradigm of invasion success. Diversity and Distributions, DOI: 10.1111/j.1472-4642.2011.00832.x
  • Wieczorek, A.M and Wright, M.G. 2011 History of agricultural biotechnology: how crop development has evolved. Nature education (invited paper in press).
  • Dunbar-Co, S. Wieczorek, A.M. 2011. Genetic structure among the most derived populations in the endemic Hawaiian Plantago lineage: insights from microsatellite variation. Plant Species Biology 26, 125–192.
  • Le Roux, J.J., Wieczorek, A.M., Tran, C., Vorsino, A. 2009. “Disentangling the dynamics of invasive fireweed (Senecio madagascariensis Poir. species complex) in the Hawaiian Islands.” Biological Invasions 12: 2251-2264.
  • Vorsino, A., Wieczorek, A.M., Wright, M.G., Ramadan, M. & Messing, R. 2009. “Using molecular tools to identify and describe ecological and evolutionary processes affecting augmentative biological control. Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Biological Control of Arthropods. P.G. Mason, D.R. Gillespie and C. Vincent (Eds.). pp. 124-133. (Invited paper)
  • Le Roux, J.J., Wieczorek, A.M. 2009. Molecular systematics and population genetics of biological invasions: towards a better understanding of invasive species management. Annals of Applied Biology 154: 1- 17.
  • Dunbar- Co, S., Wieczorek, A.M., Morden, C.M. 2008. Molecular phylogeny and adaptive radiation of the endemic Hawaiian Plantago species (Plantaginaceae). American Journal of Botany 95:1177- 1188
  • Le Roux, J.J., Wieczorek, A.M., Meyer, J-Y. 2008. Genetic diversity and structure of the invasive tree Miconia calvescens in Pacific islands. Diversity and Distributions 14:935-948.