(Module 10) Community of Caring: Student Rights & Responsibilities

Office of Judicial Affairs

The Office of Judicial Affairs is committed to ensuring the rights and upholding the responsibilities of students to create a safe and welcoming campus learning environment. This office facilitates two procedures on campus for the betterment of the community - the Student Conduct Code and Academic Grievance Procedures.

Student Conduct Code

The policies set forth in the Student Conduct Code are intended to serve primarily as an extension of UH’s educational mission -- to guide students in their growth as members of the UH and broader communities. Choosing to join the UH community obligates each student to abide by this code of conduct. As members of the UH community, students accept the responsibility to become fully acquainted with UH’s rules and to comply with UH’s authority. UH expects students to maintain standards of personal integrity that are in harmony with the educational goals of UH; to respect the rights, privileges, and property of others; and to observe national, state, and local laws and University policies and procedures.

Pursuit of a college education provides an opportunity for exploration of new ideas, experimentation, self-examination, formation of new relationships, and development of ideals and direction. However, UH does not absolve students from accepting responsibility for their behavior in their pursuit of a college education. Rather, it reaffirms the principle of student freedom that is coupled with an acceptance of responsibility for one’s actions and the consequences of such actions.

Students who need assistance or would like to speak with a staff member regarding allegations of misconduct should contact the Office of Judicial Affairs.

Academic Grievance Procedures

The applicability of this policy is limited to those issues directly associated and concomitant with the faculty member’s responsibilities as a teacher and the student’s responsibilities as a learner. For matters involving alleged academic dishonesty the Student Conduct Code should be consulted.

This policy, with included procedural provisions, was established by the Vice President for Student Affairs with the concurrence of the Faculty Senate, the Associated Students of the University of Hawaiʻi (ASUH), and the Graduate Student Organization (GSO).

Students, staff or faculty who need assistance or would like to speak with a staff member regarding a potential grievance should contact the Office of Judicial Affairs.

Website: www.studentaffairs.manoa.hawaii.edu/departments/judicial_affairs.php
Phone: (808) 956-4416
Email: oja@hawaii.edu
Location: QLCSS 207

Office of Title IX

Website: manoa.hawaii.edu/titleix
Phone: (808) 956-2299
Email: t9uhm@hawaii.edu
Location: Hawaii Hall 124

Confidential Advocates

Paxon Chang, Campus Survivor Advocate
Phone: (808) 228-9878
Email: paxonc@stoptheviolence.org
Location: QLCSS 210 *On campus on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Jenna Friedman, Gender Equity Specialist
Website: www.manoa.hawaii.edu/genderequity
Phone: (808) 956-9499
Email: geneq@hawaii.edu

Title IX and Student Support

UH Mānoa is dedicated to ensuring the safety of all students who attend the University. When an issue of sex/gender-based misconduct is reported, the University has a responsibility to provide support and resources and proceed in a way that seeks to honor the rights of the students affected by the report.

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