Congratulations to all of the previously UROP-funded undergraduate students who have published their research and creative work. Listed below and categorized by publication type are some of the published works.

Name (Last, First)MajorUROP MentorTitleYearPublication Type
Albertson, AlenaMolecular Biology and BiotechnologyChristopher, D.Protein disulfide isomerase-9 interacts with the lumenal region of the transmembrane endoplasmic reticulum stress sensor kinase, IRE1, to modulate the unfolded protein response in Arabidopsis2024Peer-Reviewed Journal Article
Hamlin, FlynnJournalismBuskirk, P. A.‘It Saved My Life’: Surfing Program Is Transformative For People With Disabilities2024Opinionated Article
Rados, KristaJournalism and AnthropologyOppegaard, B.A Push For Ag Jobs On Molokai2022Opinionated Article
Lau, Jessica Psychology and Human Development & Family Studies Čolić, M.Let’s Treat Teachers As If They Are The Best Of Us2021Opinionated Article
Lau, Jessica Psychology and Human Development & Family Studies Čolić, M.Handcuffing Of 10-Year-Old A ‘Lost Opportunity’ For Hawaii DOE2021Opinionated Article
Valdez, AngelicaMarine BiologyBingham, J.Near-daily reconstruction of tropical intertidal limpet life-history using secondary-ion mass spectrometry2021Peer-Reviewed Journal Article
Guiles, CelesteChemistryCain, M.P-Alkynyl functionalized benzaza-phospholes astransmetalating agents2020Peer-Reviewed Journal Article
Tokuda, AndrewGlobal Environmental ScienceDrazen, J.Trophic interactions of megafauna in the Mariana and Kermadec trenches inferred from stable isotope analysis2020Peer-Reviewed Journal Article
Tavares, Kammie-DominiqueGlobal Environmental ScienceFletcher, C.Risk of shoreline hardening and associated beach loss peaks before mid-century: Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi2020Peer-Reviewed Journal Article
Amore, LuciaDieteticsBanna, J.Identifying perceived barriers and enablers of healthy eating in college students in Hawaiʻi: a qualitative study using focus groups2019Peer-Reviewed Journal Article
Quinlan, ZacharyMarine BiologyNelson, C.Species-Specific Differences in the Microbiomes and Organic Exudates of Crustose Coralline Algae Influence Bacterioplankton Communities2019Peer-Reviewed Journal Article
Quinlan, ZacharyMarine BiologyNelson, C.Fluorescent organic exudates of corals and algae in tropical reefs are compositionally distinct and increase with nutrient enrichment2018Peer-Reviewed Journal Article
Wong, AmandaGlobal Environmental ScienceBarton, K.Plant competition as a mechanism of invasion on islands: Revisiting the conclusions of Kuebbing and Nuñez (2016)2019Peer-Reviewed Journal Article

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