*** The Request for Proposals for the 2020 Faculty Mentoring Grants for Summer Undergraduate Research and Creative Works is now CLOSED. Thank you to all who submitted proposals!***

I am not an eligible faculty member. Can I still apply for Faculty Mentoring Grants for Summer Undergraduate Research and Creative Works?

Currently ineligible faculty may: (i) partner with an eligible faculty member to submit a joint proposal; the eligible member must submit the proposal, and will receive the grant funds if successful; or, (ii) complete a Faculty Mentor Eligibility Petition; the Faculty Mentor Eligibility Petition must be submitted to UROP at least two weeks prior to the submission of a Faculty Mentoring Grant proposal in order to ensure timely consideration of the Petition.

If you choose to partner with an eligible faculty member to submit a proposal, it is critical that you understand the following:

  • Funds will be distributed to the eligible faculty member, and not yourself. Make sure you select an individual who is willing to work with you to spend the funds as designated in the proposal. This individual must also be willing to be held responsible if any issues arise (e.g. overspending).
  • The eligible faculty member must submit the proposal. Provide names and contact information for both the eligible faculty member and the ineligible faculty member. 

If you choose to submit a Faculty Mentor Eligibility Petition, it is critical that you understand the following:

  • Granting of faculty mentor eligibility is not guaranteed. Applicants who choose to petition for eligibility in lieu of partnering with an eligible UHM faculty member and are not ultimately granted eligibility will not be considered for the Faculty Mentoring Grant.
  • Faculty Mentoring Grant funds will not be disbursed to successful applicants until eligibility is granted.

I am not an eligible faculty member. Can my student mentee still participate in SURE?

Faculty mentor eligibility is not required for students to participate in SURE. Eligibility requirements refer only to faculty applying for Faculty Mentoring Grant funds, or faculty mentoring students who are applying for UROP project and presentation funding. Undergraduate students may participate in SURE if they are:

  • A UHM student conducting research or creative works in the summer with a UHM or a non-UHM mentor
  • A non-UHM student conducting research and creative works under the mentorship of UHM faculty

Can the student’s project be part of a larger, umbrella project overseen by a faculty member? Or does the project need to be initiated by the student?

Yes, the student’s project can be a portion of a larger project. It is key that the student is making their own contribution to the project, and gaining a valuable research or creative work experience. The ideal project provides training and intellectual growth for the student. Projects may or may not be initiated by the student. 

I want to support 3 students on the same project. Do I have to submit 3 separate proposals?

No, you may submit one proposal for a single project regardless of the number of students working on the project.

I want to support 3 students, one each on 3 separate projects. Do I have to submit 3 separate proposals?

Yes, you must submit a proposal for each unique project, regardless of the number of students working on each project.

Are non-UHM undergraduate students eligible as mentees?

No, funds are intended specifically to support UHM undergraduate students.

Do I have to know who my mentees are at the time of application?

No, you do not have to know who your student mentees are at the time of application. Faculty may choose to recruit students after funding decisions are made in late March. If you know your student mentees names when applying, you may include their names in the application.

Will UROP reverse funds not spent by the end of summer?

The funds, once distributed to your RTRF account, do not “expire.” UROP will, however, rescind any funds not spent by August 31, 2020, as the funds are intended to facilitate summer research and creative works. A competitive proposal will describe how funds will be used to support the student’s summer project (even if the project will not be completed by that time). If you seek funds during the academic year, we encourage students to apply for project and presentation funding.

How do I pay students?

UROP distributes the Faculty Mentoring Grant funds to faculty via an RTRF account, but does not facilitate distribution of funds to students. It is the faculty’s responsibility to work with their human resources representative on options for paying students. UROP does, however, strongly advise against distributing funds via Financial Aid, as this could affect the student’s cost of attendance and aid package. 

UROP recommends hiring at the UH student pay scale A2 level rate of $11.65/hour, with a fringe rate estimated by the UH Office of Research Services (ORS) at 0.64%.

How are the Faculty Mentoring Grants for Summer Undergraduate Research and Creative Works different than UROP project and presentation funding?

The funds differ in several ways:

  • Faculty Mentoring Grants for Summer Undergraduate Research and Creative Works: These grants will be given to UHM faculty with strong summer mentorship plans. They are intended to help faculty support undergraduate student mentees doing research and creative work during the summer.  The application period is from February 3 – March 2, 2020.
  • UROP Project and Presentation Funding: UROP provides project and presentation funding specifically for undergraduate students doing faculty-mentored research and creative works. Undergraduate students apply directly to UROP for these funds. They must also work with an eligible mentor to apply for funds. Visit the project and presentation funding pages to learn more.

Do I and my student mentee have to finish the project by the end of summer?

You do not have to complete the entire project by the end of summer, as many projects take much longer than that. Your student mentee should, however, be working on some component of the project during the summer. The funds are meant to facilitate research/creative work activity specifically during the summer. All funds from the Faculty Mentoring Grant must be expended by August 31, 2020.

Can funds be used on faculty travel?

No, funds cannot be used for faculty travel. Eligible faculty may consider applying for the Faculty Travel Fund administered by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

Can funds be used for student travel?

Yes, funds can be used for student travel that is necessary for the student’s project.

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