SURE symposium crowd

Above: Over 50 undergraduate students presented their posters at the 2019 SURE Symposium, the last in-person format for the symposium prior to the pandemic.

Welcome to the SURE Symposium

This end-of-summer event invites undergraduate students conducting faculty-mentored research and creative work in all disciplines to showcase their projects. It provides students an excellent opportunity to solicit feedback from their peers, experts, and community members without formal presentation judging. The event is free to attend and provides a professional, yet relaxed atmosphere.   

Register for the 2022 SURE Symposium

We are happy to inform you that we will be following a hybrid format this year (in person and via Zoom)! 

Please be advised however that the hybrid format will be limited to oral presentations only and all poster presentations will be in person. All presenters and guests must register and the program will be regularly updated until a final line up can be determined. Updates will be posted on this page.

For best consideration, presenters must register not later than July 1, 2022.

Student eligibility:

All eligible undergraduate students in all disciplines conducting faculty-mentored research or creative work are invited to present at the Symposium. Eligible students include:

  • All UHM undergraduate students 
  • Non-UHM undergraduate students mentored by a UHM faculty member*

Students can be:

  • Funded or not funded by UROP 
  • Presenting in-progress or completed projects
  • Participating or not participating in the all-summer SURE program (though it is encouraged)

*There are no eligibility requirements to be a UHM faculty mentor for SURE. Mentor eligibility is required only when students apply for UROP Project Funding or faculty apply for a Faculty Mentoring Grant.

If you have received special permission to submit your abstract by email, before submitting, make sure:

  • Your mentor has agreed to be listed as your project mentor and co-author
  • Your mentor has reviewed and approved your project title and abstract
  • Your abstract is no more than 1500 characters (~250 words) 

Past Events

The 2021 SURE Symposium was the second SURE Symposium to be held completely online. It was our largest event to date. Combining 95 student presenters, 257 registered guests, and many more drop-in guests, we estimate that ~350 people attended the event! Students represented 36 different majors, and delivered 43 oral and 26 poster presentations. We thank volunteers for their time and enthusiasm, staff for their tireless efforts, and motivated students and faculty mentors for sharing their knowledge and passion with the UHM community! The SURE program and SURE Symposium would not be possible without you! 

We are pleased to highlight a featured project from the event below. 

Title: Project KUALIMA: Transforming an Innovative Professional Learning Series into Research

Authors: Jessica Lau, Vanessa Liang, David Royer, Roxanne Bristol, Tristan Setzer, Kristina Brow

Description: Project KUALIMA was a year-long five-part online professional learning series that supported the ability of local educators and school staff to effectively manage challenging behavior. Results show that we successfully met our hypothesis and supported the HMTSS initiative as measured by increased educator knowledge, confidence, perceived usefulness, and actual use of low-intensity strategies and elements of Ci3T.


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