Application Questions

Q: Are graduate or doctoral students allowed to apply?
A: No, UROP funding is for undergraduate students pursuing a bachelor’s degree at UH Mānoa.

Q: Are students in their last semester of undergraduate coursework allowed to apply?
A: Students in their last semester may apply for presentation funding to travel to a conference/event to which they are accepted to present their research or creative works, as long as the travel would take place while they are still a student enrolled in at least one credit. UROP Project Funding is for undergraduate students with at least one Fall or Spring semester remaining in their degree progress.

Q: I submitted my application materials before the deadline, but realized I forgot one part of it. Can I submit that component late, even if all other material was submitted on time?
A: No. Any incomplete applications will not be considered after the deadline has passed and no materials are accepted after the deadline.

Q: If I have already received funding, can I apply for funding again?
A: You can apply for funding again. However, you cannot receive funding until you have completed all outstanding funding requirements for previous projects.

Q: Do I need to provide my transcript with my application?
A: No

Q: Are international students not seeking a degree at UH Mānoa allowed to apply?
A: No, UROP funding is for UH Mānoa students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program. International students seeking a degree at UH Mānoa may apply.

Q: I noticed that projects involving human or animal subjects, or hazardous materials, require approval from the appropriate reviewing entity on campus. Does approval need to be completed by the time the application is due, or is a pending approval acceptable?
A: Pending approval status is acceptable. It is imperative to ensure that your research is in compliance with the established ethical standards of UH Mānoa and a pending status at the time of application will make any funding disbursal contingent upon approval.

Q: Are students from any of the University of Hawai’i campuses eligible for funding?
A: No, UROP funds are for UH Mānoa undergraduate students only.

Q: Are projects required for academic credit in my department eligible for the UROP funding?
A: Yes, such projects may be eligible for UROP funding.

Funding Questions

Q: If I go over my budget, can I request more money if my original budget was less than the maximum amount?
A: No. Please think thoroughly about your budget and anticipate upcoming needs.

Q: Since the funding is deposited into MyUH account, will it affect the amount of financial aid for which I qualify?
A: Possibly. After UROP determines how much you will be funded, the Financial Aid Office will weigh that against any funding sources that may count toward your cost of attendance. UROP will contact you directly if your financial aid will be affected based on UROP funding disbursement.

Q: Can I apply for funding for research or creative works that I am doing with a graduate student, or research or creative works I am helping a professor with so that I can aid them?
A: Yes. However, you must carve out a research or creative works projects of your own. Your work must be unique from the work of your graduate student and/or professor with its own goals, methodology, timeline, questions, etc.

Q: Can I apply for funding from other foundations and institutions other than UROP? For example, if my proposal is accepted and I receive funding from UROP, may I apply for additional funds through other endowments for the same project?
A: You may, but you must indicate the source, amount, and how that funding will be used in conjunction with your UROP funding.

Q: What are my chances of getting funding? In other words, how big is “the pot”? How many students are rejected or accepted on average?
A: It comes down to the overall quality of your application. Please be sure to follow all directions, work with your mentor, and utilize the Project Rubric or Presentation Rubric.

Q: Can I purchase items for my research or creative works after I have been accepted for UROP funding but prior to funding disbursement?
A: Yes. However, please remember that you must satisfy all requirements (for Project or Presentation) prior to funding disbursal.

Q: Can I include items in my budget that I had purchased prior to applying for UROP funding?
A: No, you cannot request items you already purchased.

Q: May I include a stipend in my Project Proposal document?
A: Yes, UROP funds stipends at a standard rate of $11.65/hr. Please indicate how many hours you expect the stipends to cover and justification in your stipend table.

Q: Does UROP fund gift cards and other expense allowances, as they will be needed for my methodology?
A: No. Due to the nature of the funding sources for UROP, we regret that the program cannot  fund incentives for participation in research (e.g. gift cards).

Project Questions

Q: Does the three-page limit for the Project Proposal document include reference pages and itemized budgets?
A: No, the three-page limit only applies to the content designated for the Project Proposal document. References and itemized budgets should go in the Supplement document.

Q: Does my UHM faculty mentor have to be in a department relevant to my area of research or creative works?
A: Yes, your UHM faculty mentor should be actively engaged in your field of research or creative work. Their responsibility is to guide you through your project, so they must be well versed in the area.

Q: Does my research or creative works need to be completed within one semester or can I complete it in two semesters? Can it go over two semesters?
A: The timeline for your Project is up to you and dependent on your methodology and objectives.  You will be held accountable for whatever timeline is approved, so please consider all options when you determine your timeline, and consult with your mentor for field-appropriate time-frames. You may contact UROP and request to change your timeline.

Q: Can UROP purchase materials for my research or creative works that I am unable to purchase myself (i.e. chemicals, equipment)?
A: Unfortunately, UROP is unable to set up accounts or purchase supplies for students. We disburse funds directly to recipients who arrange with their mentor and/or department regarding any purchases that they cannot make directly (i.e. chemicals, lab equipment, etc.). We have had situations in the past where departments bought research supplies and students reimbursed them. Please make sure to keep records of the receipts.

Q: When do I present my research or creative works at the Undergraduate Showcase?
A: You must present your research or creative works at a Spring Undergraduate Showcase following the completion of your UROP Project. However, if you are completing your project and a Fall Semester and you are graduating, you may present at a Fall Undergraduate Showcase.

Q: How long does my presentation for the Undergraduate Showcase have to be? What should it consist of?
A: The oral presentation consists of a 12-minute presentation followed by a 3-minute question and answer segment. You may choose to also do a poster presentation, which consists of standing in front of a professional quality poster that presents your research or creative works to the judges and the audience who will be walking around a presentation room. We will provide guidance for the presentation format for UROP recipients as you put together your presentation.

Group Project and Group Presentation Funding Questions

Q: We are applying for our Project/Presentation as a group, does each member has to fill out the Application Form?
A: Yes, each group member has to fill out their own Application Form.
Project: the Proposal and the Supplement documents should be identical PDF documents, uploaded to the Project Application Form.
Presentation: the Proposal document should be an identical PDF document, uploaded to the Presentation Application Form.

Q: As a group, do we need to provide an individualized budget in addition to the overall group budget?
A: Yes, each group members’ budget is reviewed by Financial Aid, so in order to process this, UROP needs to be able to show individual budgeting.
Project: In your Supplement document, you need to provide an overall budget and a breakdown of the budget, listing budget items for every group member.
Presentation: In your Proposal document, you need to provide an overall budget and a breakdown of the budget, listing budget items for every group member.

Q: Does our Project Mentor or Presentation Recommender need to fill out the Project Mentor Form or Presentation Recommendation Form for each group member?
A: No, it is one form per group. For Project, the mentor must complete the Project Evaluation Form for each group member. Please make sure that your mentor knows about this.

Q: Our group project received funding and one of our members dropped out. Can we continue with his/her funds distributed to the other group members?
A: No, a change in group membership will result in withdrawal of all funding for the group.

Miscellaneous Questions

Q: I know UROP sends out email notifications of acceptance, but will I be notified if my application is rejected?
A: Yes, all applicants will be notified of the final decision. You receive feedback on your proposal that might help you for a following application.

Q: Can I do a project outside of UROP and work on an existing project through UROP?
A: Yes, we encourage you to seek out research and creative works opportunities wherever you may find them!

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