In compliance with the terms of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) funding that I have been awarded, I agree:

  1. To make every possible effort to achieve my stated presentation objectives in a timely and professional manner;
  2. To abide by all university guidelines and policies related to the responsible conduct of research;
  3. To secure all necessary institutional and/or government agency approvals in advance of beginning my presentation activities;
  4. To communicate with UROP in a timely manner when requested or needed;
  5. To use my email address in all email correspondence with UROP;
  6. To copy my faculty mentor, and group members if applicable, on all email communications with UROP regarding my presentation;
  7. To keep my faculty mentor updated on progress throughout my presentation, and to immediately notify my faculty mentor and UROP if anything arises that would change my proposed timeline or prevent me from completing my presentation;
  8. To acknowledge that I must be enrolled as a UH Mānoa student to receive funding and to be enrolled as a UH Mānoa student for the duration of my presentation;
  9. To acknowledge that any travel funded by UROP will occur in the semester of disbursement;
  10. To submit all relevant receipts by the end of my proposed timeline as proof that funds were spent only for approved presentation-related expenses;
  11. To acknowledge that UROP has the right to reverse UROP funding for recipient’s noncompliance, disallowed expenditure, non-performance, etc.; and that the amount reversed may place a hold on my student account;
  12. To acknowledge UROP funding orally and/or in-writing when any work fully or partially funded by UROP is presented, published, or shared publically in any format;
  13. To submit all presentation completion requirements by the required due date(s);
  14. To acknowledge that UROP may use any materials that I submit for program promotion.

By signing this contract, I agree to the aforementioned terms and recognize that the failure to fulfill any of these terms may result in the termination and/or forfeiture of any or all funds.

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