Once a recipient(s) fulfills all requirements listed under the Recipient Checklist, UROP will send the recipient’s proposed budget to the Financial Aid Office, which will review the budget based on each recipient’s individual cost-of-attendance. If the combination of the existing financial aid package and the UROP budget exceeds the cost-of-attendance in the semester of disbursement for an individual student, the Financial Aid Office can increase the recipient’s maximum cost-of-attendance by the same amount as the total cost of the non-stipend items. However, the Financial Aid Office cannot increase cost-of-attendance for requested stipend funds. In this case, recipients may have to choose between UROP stipend and other forms of Financial Aid (e.g., loans or grants). UROP will communicate with recipients on an individual basis via email regarding this process.

Once the Financial Aid Office approves the recipient’s budget, UROP will disburse individual funding to the recipient’s MyUH account. Please note that the Cashier’s Office will balance the individual’s MyUH account against any existing charges (e.g., tuition, student fees, library late-fees, etc.). In other words, if there is an outstanding balance on a given MyUH account, UROP funding will automatically pay the outstanding balance when disbursed. This includes any balance remaining due to the tuition payment plan. If UROP funding exceeds the outstanding balance, the Cashier’s Office will generate a payment via eRefund or a check. UROP highly recommends all recipients to sign up for eRefund in order to expedite the transfer of funds. eRefund takes ~3 weeks and a paper check takes ~6 weeks.

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