Congratulations on your hard work on your UROP project! Every UROP project funding recipient must fulfill the following UROP project completion requirements (see below for more detail on each section):

All completion requirements, except for the presentation at the Undergraduate Showcase, are due by 9 am, December 5 in the Fall semester, 9 am, May 1 in the Spring semester, and 10 am, August 7 in the Summer. Please note that all deadlines, including the presentation at the Undergraduate Showcase or the SURE Symposium, varies semester to semester.

Failure to complete all requirements by the deadline will result in a reversal of your UROP project funding.

Project Completion Report

This is an opportunity for you to reflect on your UROP project experience. The Project Completion Report is an online form and in the report, you will be required to do the following four things:

  1. Technical Abstract (250-300 words): Provide a professional abstract/summary of your UROP project. This should include the objectives of your project from your funded proposal, the methods you took to meet your objectives, and a succinct summary of the most important results of your project.
    GROUP: All individuals should submit the same technical abstract
  2. Project Reflection (250-300 words): Summarize what you learned while doing your UROP project and, where applicable, potential next steps. This section is not intended to be a full report on your research or creative work results (that goes in the Technical Abstract, see the prior point), but rather a reflection on your learning experience from participating in faculty-mentored research or creative work
  3. Project Survey: This survey is meant to evaluate your experience interacting with UROP staff and the overall program throughout the duration of your UROP-funded project
  4. Project Photo/Video (~50-100 words): Submit a photo or a video of your project or yourself working on your project with an informative and succinct description. Please name your file “lastname.firstname.PHO”

Undergraduate Showcase/SURE Symposium

This is an opportunity for you to share your research or creative work project at a professional-style conference, where you will have an audience of UH Mānoa students and faculty, as well as members from the community. You are required to do a 12-minute oral presentation. An optional poster presentation is highly recommended and encouraged. All UROP-funded students are required to present at the Undergraduate Showcase or at the SURE Symposium. All students must present at the Spring Undergraduate Showcase unless:

  • You or a group member is graduating in the Fall semester. You/your group must present at the Fall Undergraduate Showcase
  • You or a group member is graduating in the summer. You/your group must present at the SURE Symposium

Please register to present. The registration for Undergraduate Showcase opens around September in the Fall semester and February in the Spring semester. The registration for the SURE Symposium opens around July.

GROUP: All members must attend and present at the event. Groups should submit a single registration form which indicates all group members.

When presenting, please acknowledge UROP support for your project by including the UROP logo in your PowerPoint and/or poster and acknowledging UROP with the following verbal/written comment: “This work was supported by funding from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa.”

Mentor Evaluation Survey

(to be completed by your mentor)

Please ask your mentor to complete the Mentor Evaluation Survey on your/your group’s behalf. Be sure to send your mentor the Project ID # as your mentor will need it to complete the survey on your behalf. Your mentor should complete one survey per project for both individual and group projects.

Receipt Report

In the Receipt Report, you must show accountability for how you managed your budget and how you spent your UROP funding based on your most recent budget approved by UROP. The Receipt Report is reviewed by the Financial Aid Office. Please be sure to carefully follow the guidelines below to prepare and submit your receipt report. A sample Receipt Report is also available for your reference. 1. Receipts
  • Gather all receipts, electronic and paper copies
  • Scan all paper receipts
  • Redact personal information, if necessary (e.g. credit card number, credit card statement, unrelated charges, etc.)
  • Highlight all costs and purchase dates
  • Mark each item on the receipt with the corresponding Item # on the Budget
  • Number each receipt. If possible, this Receipt # should match the Item # in the receipt or as close as possible
  • Paste all receipts on MS Word or an equivalent word processor. The order of the receipts should follow the numeric order of Receipt #. Place up to 4 receipts on a page without compromising visibility. Ensure all receipts are legible. Clarify any illegible text
2. Budget Table GROUP: Follow the instruction for both the Group Budget and the Individual Budgets
  • Use 12pt, Times New Roman Font. The margin should be 0.5 inches for the left and right margins and 1 inch for the top and bottom margins
  • The first page of your receipt report should include your most recent budget table approved by UROP
    • Reminder: If your most recent budget table approved by UROP contains Adjusted QTY, Adjusted CPU, Adjusted Cost, and/or Adjusted Justification, delete the original “QTY”, “CPU”, “COST”, and “Justification” and keep the “Adjusted” columns
    • Reminder: Do not include any new items not approved by UROP
    • Reminder: Do not include any items that you purchased prior to the allowed date, which is the date UROP sent a “UROP Project Funding Disbursal Notification” email to you
  • In the budget table, please add one column on the left and label it “Rec #.” On the right, add two columns and label them “Actual Cost” and “Differences w/ Explanation.” The first row of your budget table look like the following:
Rec # Item # Item Name QTY CPU Cost Justification Actual Cost Differences w/ Explanation
  • Check your receipts and indicate corresponding receipt numbers in the “Rec #” column
  • Check your receipts and in the “Actual Cost” column, indicate the actual expenses made. If you did not purchase a particular item, the actual cost would be 0
  • In the “Differences w/ Explanation” column, indicate the difference between the “Actual Cost” and the “Cost” (Actual Cost – Cost). If the actual cost was more than the original cost, add the prefix “+” to the amount. If the actual cost was less than the original cost, add the prefix “-” to the amount
  • Calculate and indicate the Cost and Actual Cost in the “Travel Subtotal”, “Non-Stipend Subtotal”, and “Stipend Subtotal”, and “Total” rows
3. Stipend table (if applicable)
  • Keep your original stipend table with “Date Range”, “Hours”, and “Tasks” columns
  • If hours or tasks changed, indicate the change by replacing the original hours and tasks
4. Summary Table GROUP: Each group member should have her/his own Summary Table Create a new table below the Stipend Table (or the Budget Table if you do not have a stipend table) The columns should show the following:
UROP ID # Mat / Supp Travel Non-Stipend Total Mat / Supp Final Travel Final Non-Stipend Final Total Stipend Total Total Total Final Difference
If travel is included, please provide dates of travel:
  • Mat / Supp: the UROP-approved subtotal of materials and supplies costs
  • Travel: the UROP-approved subtotal of travel costs
  • Non-Stipend Total: the UROP-approved subtotal of Mat / Supp and Travel costs
  • Mat / Supp Actual: how much you actually spent on materials and supplies
  • Travel Actual: how much you actually spent on materials and supplies
  • Non-Stipend Actual Total: the sum of Mat / Supp Final and Travel Final
  • Stipend Total: the UROP-approved stipend amount. This should not change from what was originally approved by UROP
  • Total: the sum of Non-Stipend Total and Stipend Total
  • Total Final: the sum of Non-Stipend Final Total and the Stipend Total
  • Difference: Final Total – Total = Difference. If you spent more than your UROP budget, the value of Difference will be positive (+). If you spent less than your UROP budget, the value of Difference will be negative (-).
Paste all receipts in the page following the Summary Table. Please save this PDF as: lastname.firstname.REC and email to and cc your mentor. GROUP: Save and submit this document once for the entire group as “Gx.[first alphabetically occurring last name of group members].[corresponding first name].REC” You must cc your group members to this email. Once submitted, the UROP office and the Financial Aid Office will review your Receipt Report. UROP will contact you if it needs more information and will confirm once your Receipt Report has been accepted by the Financial Aid Office. Please note that if you have leftover funding, you may have to return it to the university. Each budget is reviewed individually case by case.
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