New Application Platform:
Starting from Fall 2020, UROP’s student project and presentation funding application is moving to the online InfoReady platform. The new application design is in progress, but interested applicants can preview the InfoReady platform and application guidelines here. Please note that contents may change without notice.

The purpose of the Project Proposal is to describe the topic of the proposed project and its significance and to convince faculty reviewers that the applicant will have a substantial learning outcome from the project. Applicants also must explain how and when the project will proceed.

UROP highly recommends that applicants utilize the Project Rubric when preparing the Project Proposal. Following directions, paying attention-to-detail, and ensuring high quality of the content in the Project Proposal are important components of a competitive application. Furthermore, the Project Proposal should be reviewed and approved by the faculty mentor before submission of the application.

Applicants should adhere to the following guidelines when preparing the Project Proposal. Please note that applicants applying as a group must follow the additional guidelines marked as “GROUP.”

UROP will not accept or review applications that do not follow all directions as indicated. For example, applications with missing section(s), word count over the limit, budget request over the limit, etc. will result in an automatic disqualification.

  1. Use Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1-inch margins
  2. Insert a page number on the bottom center of each page
  3. Save as a PDF with the filename “[your last name].[your first name].PROP”
    (e.g., Smith.John.PROP.pdf)
    GROUP: “Gx.[first alphabetically occurring last name of a group member].[corresponding first name].PROP” (e.g., Gx.Acosta.Maile.PROP.pdf)
  4. Include a three-line header on the top left of each page in the following format:
    Applicant Name: [Last name, first name]GROUP: Include all group member names separated by commas alphabetically by last name
    Title of Project:    [Full title of the project]

    Mentor Name:     [Full mentor name, including their title]

  5. Include the following labeled sections in the same order:
    Project Description         (250-word limit)
    Significance                     (250-word limit)
    Process/Methodology     (250-word limit)
    Timetable                         (12-page limit)
    Applicant’s Role              (250-word limit; GROUP: 250-word limit per group member)

Project Description (250-word limit)

Explain what you propose to do.
The Project Description should articulate your intended goals for this research or creative work project. You should include the objective(s) of your project in a manner that is detailed, clear, and relevant to the field or discipline. Minimize specific discipline jargon/acronyms, and make this as non-technical as possible. Someone from outside of your discipline should be able to understand what you are proposing. Relate your proposed objectives to prior knowledge in the field.

Significance (250-word limit)

Explain why your project is important.
Why is your project important to those in your discipline, as well as outside of your discipline? Convince those in and outside of your discipline why your research or creative work is important and significant. Relate your project significance to prior knowledge in the field.

Process/Methodology (250-word limit)

Explain how you will address your objectives.
Describe how you will meet your objective(s) as stated in the Project Description. Illustrate all the steps involved in your project to justify your proposal. Be sure to reference any specific model, theory, or standard practices that inform your process/methodology. If applicable, describe any relevant skills that you will rely upon to successfully complete the project or skills that you will need to obtain to conduct your project. Proposals that require travel must include a detailed justification of the need for travel (e.g., to collect data/samples).

Timetable (12-page limit)

Explain when you will undertake each step described in the Process/Methodology.
Include a clear and detailed timetable of tasks to be accomplished. Design the timetable to fit your project needs.

Applicant’s Role (250-word limit; GROUP: 250-word limit per member)

Explain your responsibility for the proposed project and describe the expected learning outcomes.
Explain your role in 1) writing the proposed project, 2) carrying out the proposed project, and 3) describe the personal, professional, and/or academic benefit(s) that you expect to gain from your role in this project.

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