New Application Platform:
Starting from Fall 2020, UROP’s student project and presentation funding application is moving to the online InfoReady platform. The new application design is in progress, but interested applicants can preview the InfoReady platform and application guidelines here. Please note that contents may change without notice.

This survey is required for all UROP project funding applicants. Please fill out this survey after you submit your Project Funding Application. This survey is due at 5:00 pm, March 3 for the Spring applicants and 5:00 pm, October 10 for the Fall applicants.

This survey is not anonymous. However, the information you provide on this survey will have no impact on your application or funding status. Your responses to this survey will help UROP better serve the undergraduate students at UH Mānoa by evaluating 1) your experience interacting with UROP to date, and 2) your research or creative work background to date.

Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are required. You also have the option to provide UROP with information in free form (i.e., in your words) by selecting the “Other” option in the free form format questions.

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