Purchasing Items

All receipts for approved purchases should be kept for electronic submission to UROP at the end of the presentation, except for stipend and M&IE charges. Please note that your travels must take place in the same semester as your semester of funding disbursement.

Scope & Budget Change

Working on a research or creative work presentation may involve unforeseen ‘bumps-in-the-road’ (i.e., changes in original plans). If you need to request changes to your presentation (e.g., timelines or itemized budgets), UROP is happy to work with you to try to find a solution. Please note that you do not need to communicate with UROP regarding all the changes you may implement. For example, if you find that the price of a particular item has changed slightly (price fluctuation on flight, lodging, etc.), you do not need to let UROP know prior to purchasing. However, you do need track the actual amount you spent on a particular item when you submit your receipt report after you complete your Presentation Receipt Report. On the other hand, if you find that you need to make a “significant” adjustment to your original plan, please first discuss with and obtain confirmation from your faculty mentor. “Significant” adjustments include:
  • a change in your completion semester
  • a change in your travel plan (e.g., traveling to a different locale or traveling at a different semester)
  • purchasing an item over $100 not in the original budget (Budget increases beyond the total originally approved, including stipend increases, are not granted in any circumstances)
Once your mentor confirms the change, send an email to UROP with your mentor copied to explain your situation and submit an altered version of your Proposal (Presentation timeline, applicant role, budget, etc.) as a Word document with changes recorded with the Track Change function. Be sure to explain the changes in the email. Your mentor may have to confirm that he/she approves the changes you are proposing. For budget changes, please submit the original budget with two new columns on the right for “Adjusted Amount”, and “Justification” for change in amount. For all items where the amount is unchanged, please include the original amount in “Adjusted Amount” and write “no change” in justification. Please be sure to indicate the total of the “Adjusted Amount” column in the “Total” row, as well as your modified approved total.

Group Member Change

If there is any change to group membership, please notify UROP immediately of the proposed change and provide justification. If the rest of the group members plan on continuing the presentation, the group must revise and resubmit via email the original application, proposal, and/or supplement for review. Please note that UROP will approve group member changes on a case-by-case basis, and may ultimately withdraw funding for the project if the proposed changes are not approved.

Keep in contact with UROP!

UROP is here to help you through the research/creative work process. Please email us at urop@hawaii.edu with any questions or concerns and/or feel free to visit UROP at Hawaii Hall 127.
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