Student Opportunity Center

UROP invites all University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa undergraduate students, faculty and staff to utilize the Student Opportunity Center (SOC)!

The SOC curates a comprehensive national database of thousands of student research and creative work positions, journals, conferences, funding sources, and more. It also houses a UHM-specific database where faculty and staff can post research and creative work opportunities just for UHM students.

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Success Story: Project KUALIMA

Vanessa Liang, David Royer, Jessica Lau

Undergraduate students Vanessa Liang (Psychology and Sociology) and Jessica Lau (Psychology) used the Student Opportunity Center to connect to Dr. David Royer’s (College of Education) Project KUALIMA opportunity. Read more about their story in the Spring 2021 Newsletter on page 5.

Disclaimer: The Student Opportunity Center (SOC) is a third party service provider. Please read SOC’s privacy policy to understand what you are agreeing to by participating in this service. You may choose to provide personal information on their public user profiles or elsewhere on the website at your own discretion and risk. By using the SOC, you agree to be solely responsible for any potential damages.

National Database vs. UHM Database

National Database

UROP’s subscription to the SOC grants access to staff, undergraduate students, and faculty on the Mānoa campus only. Users can search the national database for opportunities, save favorites, and even keep track of which opportunities they have applied to.

UHM Database

UROP’s subscription to the SOC also allows us to manage an internal UHM database. This database houses faculty- and staff-generated listings available only to UHM undergraduate students. 

Faculty and staff can create and manage their own research and creative work opportunities at any time. See the instructions below.

Instructions for Activating your Account

  1. Send an activation email to your address here: activation email link
  2. Open the Account Activation email sent to your address. Check your spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox. Click the activation link.
  3. Create a unique password. We recommend using one that is DIFFERENT than your email account password.

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Instructions for Posting on UHM Database

Faculty and staff are encouraged to post open positions on the SOC. Listings are viewable only by undergraduate students, faculty and staff on the Mānoa campus. Please post only positions related to research and creative work, and not general student positions such as “office assistant.” 

  1. Complete instructions above to activate your account.
  2. Email to request an administrator user role – once confirmed, you can create a listing directly on the website.*


  1. Fill out the UHM Undergraduate Opportunity Submission Form and UROP will post your listing for you*

*It is your responsibility to determine student work eligibility based on the nature of your project, and compensation to student, if any (e.g. legal work status, student work hours).

How to post guideline

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