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The UROP office is open and we look forward to hearing from our students, staff, and faculty. While we are not taking in-person meetings at this time due to the current COVID situation, please feel free to reach us by email (urop@hawaii.edu), phone (808-956-7492), or by scheduling an online appointment via Zoom and we would be happy to assist you. Mahalo!

Project Funding, Presentation Funding, and Faculty Mentoring Grant

Funding/Grant Proposals Involving Travel

Currently, there is a restriction on all non-essential university-sponsored travel, which includes travel funded by UROP. UROP will consider Project, Presentation, and Faculty Mentoring Grant proposals that include travel, but if UROP selects your proposal for funding and the travel restriction is still in place at the time of your proposed travel dates, you will be required to:

    1. If feasible, delay the travel portion of your project until the travel restriction has been lifted; or
    2. Revise your budget to reallocate travel funding to another justifiable budget item (e.g., materials/supplies, stipend, etc.); or
    3. Remove the travel costs from your budget (i.e., return that portion of funding to UROP).

Please note that even if UROP funds a proposal that includes travel, you must receive explicit permission from UROP before you actually travel.  Please be aware that the UH travel guidelines may change at any time to become more or less restrictive; utilize the links below for the latest update on COVID-19 in relation to travel and research at UH.

Presentation Venue Eligibility

At this time, UROP will consider Presentation Funding Applications for virtual conferences, performances, exhibits, competitions, etc.

UH Travel Information:

Research Continuity and Planning for COVID-19:

SURE Program

All professional development modules for the SURE Program will be held via online sessions. The schedule of events will be available on March 15. 

SURE Symposium

The 2021 SURE Symposium will be held as live, virtual sessions via Zoom on Friday, July 30, 2021. The call for abstracts will open April 1 and guest registration will open June 1. 

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