Why Research?


Research and creative work have both short and long term benefits, and are valuable to the individual as well as the community. In today’s competitive job market and graduate/professional school application processes, undergraduate research and creative work allow students’ resumes and CVs to stand apart from the crowd and demonstrate initiative in developing skills relevant to their area of study. UROP makes research and creative work available to students outside of the confines of the classroom, where they can engage in discoveries that they find important, timely, and exciting.

Build Life Skills
Actively researching an academic area of interest comes with its own challenges, and completion of research and creative work reflects problem-solving skills, advanced inquiry/methodology strategies, and an ingenuity that cannot be acquired from textbooks alone. Hands-on research and creative work allow students to apply and expand on what they have learned in the classroom. Students who undertake research or creative work also learn to use their time wisely, manage budgets and leverage existing resources – all useful “real life” skills.

Contribute to Our History and Our Future
Projects that are unique to a student’s vision contribute to the wealth of collective knowledge that UH Mānoa has accrued through years of innovative research. More importantly, taking part in research or creative work means participating in a vision of addressing problems and presenting solutions for a better future.

Work with Experts
Research and creative work provide an in-depth education by immersing students in an environment where they can work side-by-side with leaders and faculty members of their field using groundbreaking technologies.

Make Yourself Known
Students can present their research or creative work at international conferences and make essential connections with those in similar academic fields.

Research is Exciting!
Students who have participated in past projects funded by UROP have conducted a diverse array research endeavors in countries such as Iran, Nicaragua, France, and Tonga. Recipients have worked in fields ranging from music to the sciences to business. Students have written novels, conducted cross-cultural studies, and designed micro-robots. These life-changing experiences enrich students’ sense of purpose and lifelong learning.

UROP provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to apply for funding for research, creative projects, and presentation travel. These will be designated for exemplary students whose proposals reflect high quality academic research and creative projects in their respective fields.

Please consider how UROP can help you enrich your education and contribute your research and creative work efforts to academia and communities.