Presentation Application Process

 If you have completed research or creative work as an undergraduate student at UH Mānoa, we can help fund your travel costs to present your work at a conference or other venue!

If you are interested in funding for a new project, please check out our Project Application Process


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Deadline is monthly 11:59pm on the 1st day of each month

Available Funding

Funding is available for exceptional UH Mānoa undergraduate students who have completed original research or creative work mentored by UH Mānoa faculty.


Funding Cycle
UROP offers monthly application cycles for students to apply for funding to present their research or creative works. Funding must be requested before the presentation takes place, and will be disbursed the semester during which the presentation takes place. All application materials must be submitted by 11:59pm on the last day of the cycle, even if it is a weekend or holiday.  Failure to meet this deadline for all requirements will result in an incomplete application ineligible for review.  Please plan ahead; questions concerning the application must be submitted via email before the deadline, and will be answered during office hours Monday – Friday (9a-4p). In case of technical issues, there is a troubleshooting protocol on the application form.

Applicant Eligibility
Students seeking to apply for UROP funding must:
● be enrolled in a first bachelor degree program at UH Mānoa
plan to graduate from UH Mānoa
● be accepted to present at a conference or other event

● be recommended by an active faculty member with tenure line from UH Mānoa, JABSOM, or the Cancer Center
● be the first author(s) of the work

Students who meet the eligibility requirements may apply for funding for a presentation once per body of work, and once per year.  Funds are disbursed at the discretion of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Council (UROC), the reviewing body for the proposals.

Presentation Funding
Qualified students may apply for travel funds to cover or supplement the costs of attending a specific professional conference or event where they will present their research or creative work as the first author. Funds are available of up to $2,000 per individual and $5,000 per group for approved line items on their budget.  Recipients are required to save/show receipts for proof of spending. 

Application Processing
Applications are paperless and all materials are due by the deadline.  Submission of an application form automatically generates an email receipt to the applicant; however, this does not necessarily mean that all requirements have been met for review by Council, only that the application form was submitted and received.  Applications that meet all requirements by the deadline are processed and reviewed by UROC.  Students will be notified of the decision via email after UROC has made a decision, by the 4th of the following month..

Fund Disbursement
After notification, recipients must sign and submit a Memorandum of Agreement and meet institutional standards in order to receive funds. Funding recipients will receive funds through their MyUH tuition account pursuant to institutional approval.  In order to retain funds and avoid reversals, recipients must fulfill the receipt report requirement

Students seeking to apply for UROP funding must do the following by the deadline:
❏ Complete all required fields of the PRESENTATION APPLICATION FORM for each individual or group member applying
❏ Upload (within the second page of the application form) a Presentation Proposal PDF  (4 pg max) to the application form according to the website, and be sure to include your abstract and conference/event acceptance (or communication if not yet finalized)
 Have a Presentation Recommendation submitted by a UH Mānoa Faculty mentor from the field of the presentation

Additional Considerations
● Utilize the Presentation Rubric as a guideline for how complete applications will be evaluated
● Travel may qualify for per diem pay for meals and incidental expenses (M&IE) at standard rates published by the federal government
● Travel must take place in a semester of enrollment (of at least one credit).
● Presentation funding requires proof of official participation at the conference/event indicated
● Must include proof of compliance with applicable ethical standards if research involved human subjects, animal subjects, or hazardous materials
● UROC has discretion to fund all or part of any budget items
● All correspondence is subject to review by UROC
● A student’s GPA/transcript is an indicator of maturity, dependability, and skills needed to undertake a professional conference or event presentation and is weighted for funding consideration (the average GPA of all UROP recipients is 3.49)
● If funded, receipts must be saved to show that funding was spent according to approved budget
● No receipt required for M&IE funding, please see requirements for Receipt Report for Presentation Completion