Students must visit MTC online remote examination services upon instructor approval.

Students seeking off-campus proctored examination(s) will need:

  1. A computer OR laptop with internet connectivity.
  2. Prior completion of Instructor-led testing orientation.
  3. A signed Honor Pledge (through instructor).
  4. A movable webcam OR camera equipped mobile phone OR a comparable secondary device (iPad, tablet, etc.) with internet connection. Off-campus proctored examination(s) require students to project themselves and their computer desktops onto their and their proctors desktop screens using appropriate meeting software, such as Zoom.

If students do not have access to electronic devices mentioned above, they may elect to arrange for simultaneous in-person exams, provided they are able to take the simultaneous proctored exam at MTC, on campus. Alternatively, students may elect to apply to take examinations through the find-your-own-proctor option, if circumstances preclude travel to campus.

MTC encourages all students in need of its services to choose the most suitable option and submit requests ASAP. MTC will assign its limited seats for in-person proctor services on a first come, first served basis.


MTC provides helpful information for students who seek to prepare for off- and/or on-campus remote proctoring. Find detailed information here.

Any questions can be sent to