The Mānoa Testing Center is now offering Online Exam Proctoring, during which we assist students and instructors by providing an online proctoring option. This service is intended to assist students who are unable to commute to campus due to COVID-19-related matters, illness, or injuries. See below for eligibility.


Accepted students situations:

  • Injury
  • Illness including COVID-19, close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, and/or are required to quarantine

Student situations NOT accepted:

  • Cannot make it to class
  • Was not able to take off from work

All students who request this service must get approval from their instructor before we are able to finalize the request.


Students and instructors can email us at with the subject [Online Exam Proctor Request]. Students should include the following information in their email:

  • Copy their instructors
  • The course
  • Date(s) they would like to reserve

Once approval from the instructor is received, we will confirm the reservation time and date with the student via email.

What is required for Online Exams?

Consent Form

We are requiring students who request to take their exams online to fill out a consent form PRIOR to taking the exam. We ask the the form be submitted within 24 hours of the exam. Forms can be found here.

Google Hangouts

In the event that more than one student is requesting to take an exam during the same time, we will be requiring students to use Google Hangouts to communicate with proctors. Students will receive instructions on how to set up Google Hangouts further in their confirmation email.

ID verification

Similar to our in-person exams, we are verifying students identities before exams are administered and will request that exam takers email a scan of their ID to in the confirmation email chain. Student ID will only be used for verification of the student before the exam and will not be distributed elsewhere. Furthermore, students will have the option to have Mānoa Testing Center keep their ID on file until the end of the semester for future exams, or to delete the file after each exam. All IDs will be deleted at the end of the semester.

Webcam or streaming device

This proctoring type requires webcams and videos to be on at all times once the exam has started. This will require two devices: one device to take the exam from (generally a laptop or computer) and one device to host Zoom on (can use a webcam or your phone). If you do not have a working streaming device, please contact us at for further questions.