Sinclair 1st Floor Student Lockers

To request a locker, you must be a current UH Mānoa student enrolled at least half-time in the semester you are requesting a locker.

If you meet these requirements, complete the Application Form for the semester you are requesting a locker. Lockers can be requested per semester.

  • Current semester: Lockers can be requested at any time.
  • Future semesters: Applications may be submitted as early as the last two weeks of the semester before. 

SSC will not enter the locker at any time unless there are suspected dangerous or rotten items OR at the end of the semester after two email reminders to clear or renew the locker. There will be a reminder sent prior to the end of the semester and an additional reminder a few days after the end of the semester has passed without a renewal. 

Sinclair 1st Floor Charging Station

Secure Charging Stations are available to all Sinclair patrons. We have Type C USB, Micro USB, Lightning to charge your devices and safely store them. Students are free to use this charging station. Please pick up devices before closing hours. SSC is not responsible for any items left behind.