Single Use Room Reservation Request

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I verify that I am indeed a current UH Mānoa student faculty or staff member.

I understand that I must have my UH ID to pick up and trade out for the room key throughout the duration of the reservation.

I understand that the availability of rooms are limited and that Sinclair building programs have first priority for rooms.

I understand that as an individual, I may not request more than a month in advance or else my request will be automatically denied. (Another request may be put in later).

I understand that reservations may not be placed for more than a 2 hour period, even if under a different person for the same group of people.

Although rare, I understand that due to unforeseen circumstances, my confirmed reservation may be cancelled and I will be notified through MyUH email. We will do the best to notify as far in advance and offer alternatives should this situation arise.

Please include your UH Affiliation (student, staff or faculty), Requested Date, Requested Time, Purpose of Reservation & Preferred Room (LA1, LA2 or HRRC) in the "message" of the request.

You must accept the Terms and Conditions.

Sinclair Enclosed Rooms and Spaces Reservations

Please note all rooms have a max of 9 people regardless of how many people can fit with following proper social distancing measures. Also please utilize proper social distancing measures in our reservable spaces. Mahalo.

Reservation Guidelines:

  1. Reservations and UH-affiliation are required. UH ID must be collected and returned when the room key and any other items are returned.
  2. Reservations can only be approved during staff hours. Reservations requests submitted after hours will not be checked until normal business hours.
  3. FOUR people must be present to check out the room key for LA1. If your group becomes less than four, you will be asked to leave.
  4. TWO hour maximum per group, per day. You may not use another group member or patron to check out the key, and you may not reserve another room.
  5. Study group reservations may book up to one month in advance.
  6. Rooms are under video surveillance and are monitored.
  7. To reserve spaces that aren't the usual listings, email & and we can look into possibly setting it up.
  8. Please follow our room booking policies and procedures. Failure to do so will result in immediate suspension of future bookings.
  9. For consecutive room requests please email &
  10. Keep in mind we give first priority to SSC Building partners!
  11. We recommend hosting study groups at Hamilton Library which has over 10 reservable group spaces. Unfortunately, the plug-in link messes with our website format. Please copy and paste the following link into your browser:


Please call us with any questions at (808) 956-5656 or email us at