The Sophomore Slump

What is the Sophomore Slump?

Research shows that some sophomores go through a period of confusion and uncertainty in response to new challenges of the second year. Some symptoms of the Sophomore Slump include:

  • Decrease in grades and motivation
  • Developmental confusion regarding major, career, life-decisions, and personal identity
  • Disappointment in overall college experiences,

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following?

  • What am I doing here at UH-Manoa?
  • Why do I have more questions now than when I first got here?
  • Why am I growing apart from my old friends?
  • What should I major in? Or why am I majoring in this, even though I don’t enjoy it?
  • What am I going to do after college?
  • Why do I feel overwhelmed?
  • Why can’t I ever relax?
  • Why am I not having as much fun as last year?
  • How am I going to keep paying for the cost of college?
  • Does everyone have this figured out but me?

These questions are some that someone experiencing the Sophomore Slump may ask themselves. If you believe you are experiencing the Sophomore Slump, the good news is that you are not alone. Many students at UHM and across the nation are in the same situation. Let the MSE  help you! We want to make your sophomore year full of exploration, opportunity, and decision making about your future. This website is compiled with you in mind; with resources and links to help answer your questions.

You CAN overcome the Sophomore Slump!

UHM has a variety of resources available to assist you in your journey to succeed in your freshmen and sophomore years. A few of those resources include:

Academic coaching (starting spring 2018)

Peer mentoring is available for sophomores and second semester freshmen. Send an email to to request a personal academic coach. If you have questions related to the Sophomore Slump, you can also contact the MSE program. Good luck in your sophomore year! Together, we CAN overcome the Sophomore Slump!