Recap: Pizza with Professionals Spring 2017

We had a blast snacking on pizza and meeting alumni from UHM who are out in the working world!


Jordan Fahmie, an Engineer with AECOM, discussed the truth behind entering the work force post-college. He wants students to keep in mind that they may struggle a little bit coming out of college, but as long as they work hard and remain willing to learn from their experiences they will get where they desire to be. With this in mind think about where you are headed after UHM. What kind of jobs do you want? Fahmie encourages students to take any and every opportunity to shadow professionals and intern to gain a sense of the kind of work environment you will be comfortable with. Fahmie says “Don’t lose sight of what makes you happy.”


Jeanna Chi, a first generation college graduate, found success in being highly involved on campus at UHM. In her undergrad she was a Manoa Peer Advisor, Jeanna says that surrounding herself with the supportive group of people in the Manoa Advising Center really encouraged her to strive for graduation and ultimately academic excellence. Post-college, Jeanna landed an internship at Nordstrom where she excelled, but found herself confused on the career path she was currently on. To Jeanna, this was a learning opportunity. Working outside of your intended career can actually help you decide what is the best fit for you in a job or career. Jenna adds, “always network,” even if it is with those who may not line up with your career goals. If you look towards your managers for support, great opportunities can arise from putting the effort to do well in something you are unsure about.


Christopher Nguyen acquired a B.S. in Microbiology and became a Financial Advisor / Managing Director  for Ka Financial Advisors. While he admits that his current career is not what he imagined for himself, what microbiology demanded from him as a student shaped him into the working individual he is today. Nguyen knows that collaborative work is tough on college students, however, he encourages group work as a way to build skills for the working world. One piece of advice Nguyen would like to stress to students, “Always keep learning… more knowledge, you’re more employable!”