Pizza with Professional Fall 2018 Recap

Our final event of the semester sparked great conversion with out panel of professionals!

Puna spoke first, sharing about his personal struggle with finishing school. After his first year at in school he took a 10 year break! One student asked how that long break affected his focus when returning to which Puna replied, “I was finally ready to engage,” which is what made all the difference the second time around. What made such a big difference was asking for help, not just from professors, but from campus resources too. Going out into the world to work for an extended period of time also helped Puna decide what he wanted to study and pursue beyond college. Puna recommends that students diversify themselves in order to discover what they are passionate about. Volunteering part-time could be the first step for so many career options.

Taysia, a very recent UHM graduate, thought she would be working a 9-to-5 job straight out of college, but instead has continued with her passion for entrepreneurship. Currently working “anywhere there is WiFi” as a hair consultant, she has been able to break the mold of the traditional work to school path. During her time at UHM Manoa, Taysia spent her free time starting her own small business. She said it was her will to be her own boss someday that pushed her to follow through with research and ultimately logistics for her online store. Taysia, like Puna, stressed the utilization of on campus resources. Experience is essential when entering the work force and taking any opportunity to learn outside the classroom or apply what you have leaned will ultimately help you succeed post-college.