FWF Recap Fall 2017

Thank you to our panelists!

Faculty at Fall 2017 Fraps with Faculty

Faculty at Fall 2017 Fraps with Faculty

Jason Kenji Higa

On his quest to obtain a degree in Biology, here at UH Mānoa, Jason learned that college is not meant to be a “cookie cutter experience.” He learned that being a full-time student for four years straight was not he approach that best fit him. Jason took a gap year. He encourages students to be productive through internships and jobs, while they take a break from school. Jason says that time management is the key to being a successful student and the reality of adulthood. Remember, no single path is right for every student.


Karyl Garland

As an English professor, Karyl strives to teach the importance of skillful writing. In every job writing is involved and what sets a job candidate apart from the rest continues to be writing. “If you can care about writing well, with precision, you’re beyond everyone else who cannot in your field.” Writing can certainly be a powerful tool when done well.


Pia Arboleda

Born and raised in the Philippines, Pia has learned a great deal about the importance of education. Pia learned, through the heartbreak and misdirection in the young adult years of her life, “education is the only thing people cannot take from you.” Substance will set you apart from those focused on their charm, Pia says. Though you have every right to celebrate the smallest accomplishments, be mindful of the areas in which you can grow.